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  1. so, any new developments? is it a good idea to install the sling on the slot on the c-stock? i have no idea where i can get the push button swivel thing in my country.
  2. thanks xamoel! i'm actually quite nervous... the whole thing came apart since i wasn't able to screw the magazine cap back on immediately after, hence i had to assemble the m4 one piece at a time... think i did a fairly decent job, but i'd rather that someone who's more familiar with it disassemble and assemble it again before i fire it.
  3. don't think so. i'll check on the pricing and decide on whether i'm selling it.
  4. from the philippines. i twisted the mag cap, used improvised pliers to squeeze and pull out that cap that otherwise holds the spring in place, took out the limiter, put the spring back in and screwed the mag cap back on. not sure if it was accidental, but another m4 owner here has the same.
  5. benelli m4, of course. i have the one with the retractable stock, if that helps. my unit is sraight from the box, took that thingy out from the magazine tube.
  6. took out the limiter of my M4 myself... did i do it right? here's what i took out:
  7. thanks for the concern zee. i don't have live ammo yet, as i'm waiting for the ammo i ordered to arrive. i'm only playing with dummy shells while trying to get accustomed to the m4. you know how it is with handguns and how you rack the slide for chamber check, then you pull the trigger? well, i dunno if you're supposed to pull the trigger in those cases but i do, O.C.D. i guess. i have the same tendency with the m4 whenever i rack it or press the bolt release......
  8. very nice!! keep it coming, thanks for initiating hookster
  9. well, yeeeaaaah... it'll save us a lot of time though! LOL
  10. ummm... before? hahaha! thanks for the replies. there's a gun ban now where i'm from, just got the m4 last friday. although i've fired a few, i'ts my first shotgun and i wanna practice with it at home (handling, maneuvering, loading and unloading etc.). i'm getting the hang of it, but once in the while i release the bolt freely or fire it after racking without my dummy shell. i'll get used to it soon, just hope that my learning curve isn't taking it's toll on the m4. hope this explains some things....
  11. so, how about some pics for posterity??
  12. bro are you serious?! if you're just gonna drop it, just give it to me!!
  13. what do you mean? anyway, just to confirm what i've read so far, letting the bolt slam each time when i rack it without any type of shell (ammo or dummy) or dry-firing it WILL NOT HARM THE M4? i was told to at least guide the bolt lever when i press the bolt release button (not sure if that's what you call it) so it doesn't slam.
  14. great! thanks hookster!
  15. so unless i dry-fire it regularly for a significant number of times, i shouldn't worry?
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