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  1. I have mounted my Go Pro to my shotguns. The footage is cool, but I have found the best way to mount a camera when hunting is to just use the head mount. Have you tried using it this way while hunting? It might be different for you since you are using a pump but when using a SBEII you can hear the bolt cycle every time you fire off a shot.

  2. I bought this one. LOVE IT! It is super easy to use, and you can adjust it to just about any shooting style. Also works great if you shoot by yourself. I also have the MTM hand thrower and I really like that one too. Sometimes to mix it up we use both at the same time.



  3. I use Kent Fast Lead #6's and I have seen no reason to switch to anything else. Dropped some pheasants and quail with that load this morning, all were one shot kills dead before they hit the ground.


    3. A recoil headache. The 1 ¼ ounce Hypersonics will generate almost 50% more recoil than a “standard” 1450 fps 1 ¼ ounce high velocity steel load QUOTE]


    YES! I meant to mention that but somehow forgot. (Must have been the hits to the head from shooting them). I couldn't believe the difference in recoil between the two rounds. The difference between fasteel and hypersonic is akin to the difference between a 7/8oz. trap load and your average steel shell. I agree 100% with that review. It might have more speed and energy downrange but the recoil doesn't feel good and makes it very difficult for a fast follow up shot.

  5. any results on these yet???


    I just patterned it against the Kent Fasteel that I normally use. Unfortunately, my sister who was supposed to take pictures of everything, failed. So I have no pics of my patterns.


    These are 3" 1 1/4 oz. #4s out of a Super Black Eagle II with a factory modified choke.


    I took 2 shots of each shell type at 30, 40, and 50 yards. I would liked to have take more shots but I was low on time. Patterns were almost identical except for one thing. With the hypersonic steel the wad stayed with the BBs much longer and was actually blowing giant holes though the cardboard I was firing at clear out to 40 yards and denting it at 50. With the Fasteel the wad was nowhere to be seen at any of the 3 targeted ranges. Anybody else see similar results? Im thinking that if its staying in the wad for so long it wouldn't work out very well on shorter shots over the decoys.


    What do you guys think? Hopefully I will go out again next week and do some more tests, WITH PICTURES! lol

  6. I bought 4 boxes of the 3" Number 4s. I will try to get a review up if I can pattern it this week. My Stag 6L is showing up tomorrow too so that might take up most of my shooting time ;)


    Does anybody know if this new wad thats in these works best with any certain type of choke?

  7. I had an HK USP Tactical in .45 for quite awhile. It is the only gun out of everything I have ever fired that never malfunctioned once. If you like the ergonomics of the expert, you wont be dissapointed in its performace.

  8. I don't have a model 6, but I do have a stag lower on my AR.

    Never had a problem with it.


    That seems to be the case with everybody I have talked to. I have found only a handful of reviews and none of them are very extensive. If/when I order one I will have to do it sight unseen as I cant find one locally anywhere. I have called every gun store within a 3 hour drive and nobody has one in stock. Just my luck.

  9. To get the above results, I purchased many types/sizes of buckshot and chokes and mixed/matched all the combo's until I found the winner.


    I tried


    Rem 00 2.75 9 pellet

    Rem 00 Supertac 8-pellet

    Win-lite 00 9-pellet

    Federal Flite Control

    Rem 3" 000

    Rem 2.75" 000

    Winchester Super X 00 2.75"

    Remington 0 2.75

    Remington 2.75" #4

    Remington 3" #4

    Winchester 3" 000

    Federal 2.75" 000


    Probably a few others.


    I tried:

    Briley IC/MOD/IMOD/Full

    Kick's Buckkicker chokes in all constrictions

    Primos Dead-Deer choke


    Some would throw good patterns at 20 yards, but totally fall apart at 30-45 yards. It took a lot of work to find a combo that would throw a pattern that was tight, even, and expanded in a linear instead of exponential fashion with distance.


    You will notice that the shot seems "strung" a little-bit up/down. My other M4's did this as well. I think it has to do with the fact that before the charge exits the barrel, the weapon has already recoiled over 1/2" The shot is exiting the muzzle during recoil. Ergo, it is going to have a SLIGHT verticle stringing. Just my experience and analysis.


    Thats some awesome data. I wish I had the bank to be able to do that myself. Do you really think the recoil makes that much of a difference when all those pellets are leaving the barrel so close together? I wouldn't think it makes that much of a difference in the POI for the whole shot string. Your probably right, I'm just thinking out loud here.


    I love that episode! Here in Oregon you can usually just walk in with money and walk out with a gun. But if you think 10 days is bad, a friend of mine changed his name when he was younger so everytime he buys a gun legally he has to wait THIRTY DAYS!

  11. Good Advice Unobtanium!


    No sense looking like an idiot! Throwing out a bunch of lead and not hitting anything is just sad......:(


    Hey! What's wrong with my shotgun! :confused:






    NO WONDER they laugh at me at the trap club! I may not hit anything but I look cool!


    Patterning is fun. I usually buy a box of whatever ammo I am going to use just for patterning with different chokes.

  12. I haven't really looked to much into savages. What kind of accuracy have you guys seen with the model 12? I have been leaning towards a semi-auto since I shoot left handed since there just easier to find around here. That stag 6 guarantees a 1/2 MOA group at 100 yards, that's pretty hard to beat IMO.

  13. So I FINALLY decided what I want out of my next gun. I am looking for something to use for coyote hunting but is also cost effective enough to plink with. Right now I am looking at the Stag 6L. Anybody own one?


    Any other rifle suggestions?

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