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  1. I need some Sling Ideas for my Benelli SuperNova. Turkey season is coming and I would like to outfit my SN with a good sling to run and gun when necessary.
  2. Those are cheap these days. I am gonna put my time in this weekend thats for sure. I have been on my share of hot gobblers before in northern and central VA when I was in the Marine Corps and the show me state is what I would consider the best against any other state. I just know how finiky toms can be even with great weather. The steady rain just compounds the problem.
  3. I think that's about it gonna be a waiting game. I will have to turn into a deer hunter almost to have or create some dumb luck.
  4. I just don't want the rain to keep them from being vocal.
  5. Its been absolutely great weather all of April so far in MO for this time of year. Our turkey season started on Monday the 19th. I planned vacation for this Friday and Monday so I could 4 solid days to chase the turkeys around the farm and do some fishin. The weather forecast has rain either heavy T storms or showers now all the way through next Tuesday, go figure. I have an Ameristep Bone Collector blind that I can put up and rain gear to wear, but come on! This creates the mobility problem and I want to be able to run and gun if I have to. I hope I can get the Toms to tell me where they are
  6. Thats a whole lotta spurs. Don't hurt yourself. Congrats and I am sure it was a great hunt and story.
  7. I just got one of these from MidWay USA and it was the same price. Those of you that have installed Mounts on your SN's, How did you get the soft plastic plugs out of the tapped holes in the receiver?
  8. I picked up my new Supernova Steadygrip yesterday and its going to be a turkey slayer. I also have a Realtree Camo Burris SpeedDot coming and now I have to find a Picitanny rail for it. I thought it was going to come with one but I guess not? I am also going to look for an Extended turkey choke and I'm thinking Primos Jellyhead or Carlsons. If yuns have any suggestions let me know.
  9. I ordered one today from a local Benelli dealer after checking with Bass Pro, Cabelas, and about 4 other gun stores in my area. I just went ahead and had them order me one. It should be next week sometime. I was thinking about putting a Red Dot optic on it. Do you have any accessories for yours? Let me know what you do with that trigger? I may look into it if I think it could be better and I can't imagine it was any more stiff than the Mossy 835 I had.
  10. I am shopping for a Benelli SuperNova Steadygrip 12ga. in APG Camo. Anyone got one?
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