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  1. The Limbsaver website does not list any products for the M2 tactical.
  2. I've got a DMW extension on it now, and I'm very pleased with it. Once I get a chance to take a look at the Benelli extensions when they arrive, I may end up keeping the DMW, who knows? Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing what the factory extended tubes look like. If I end having a "spare" Benelli tube, I'll offer it for sale here first.
  3. I have friends that travel all over the world and they are always on the lookout for good deals on gun accessories.
  4. I've got an opportunity to purchase two unopened/NIW Benelli factory magazine tube extensions for my M2 Tactical. I've looked all over the net and I can only find old ads for tubes that have long since sold. The tubes are approx 8 1/2" long and will give me a total capacity of 7 rounds in the magazine. When installed, they will fit flush with the end of my barrel. What is a fair price for them? I understand they aren't imported anymore and that fact alone will influence the price.
  5. TennVol

    Bolt Handle?

    Here is a photo of the Ballistic Specialties I have mounted on my M2 tactical. It seems like the right size for my hand - not too big or small.
  6. TennVol

    Bolt Handle?

    Brownell's has these available for the SBE: http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=26819/Product/TACTICAL_SHOTGUN_BOLT_HANDLE http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=26739/Product/BENELLI_BERETTA_SHOTGUN_EXTENDED_COCKING_HANDLES
  7. This afternoon I took my gun apart & cleaned/lubed everything. I paid particular attention to lubing the bolt, rails, & the recoil plunger assembly. I'll pick up 100 rounds of some heavier loads this week and run it through the gun and see what happens. I've got a few boxes of 3" magnum duck loads (steel) that I may run through it also. As I recall, those had a fairly hefty recoil and maybe they will help to break-in my gun. I'm accustomed to using lube sparingly on my AR's because of how much dirt they seem to attract. How much lube do the Benelli's really need? Are we talking about dripping wet, or just a light sheen?
  8. I didn't remember to take my camera with me, so I don't have any photos of the jams. Most of the spent shells are hanging up with about half of the shell sticking out of the ejection port, and the other half stuck inside the gun. There really isn't one consistent problem. Sometimes the spent shell is all the way inside the gun without ejecting, sometimes it is partially in the gun, and sometimes the shell will extract, but the fresh shell is on the shell elevator, but isn't fed into the chamber.
  9. I recently purchased a new M2 tactical. The first trip to the range I fired 100 rounds of low brass dove loads. I had problems all day long with failure to eject and failure to feed. I have since read some owners have problems with low brass/low power loads. I have also read some owners recommend a break in period of several hundred rounds to ensure proper cycling with all loads. I just returned from a very frustrating range trip and I fired 25 rounds of low brass dove loads and I also fired ten rounds of high brass, low recoil tactical 00 buck loads. Out of 35 rounds fired, only three rounds ejected/fed properly. And none of the ten 00 buck loads fed/ejected properly. What's the deal? This is a $1200+ shotgun and after 135 rounds it still won't feed properly? I ensured I had a tight hold on the gun and it was pressed firmly into my shoulder. (I had a buddy observing me to see if I wasn't holding the gun properly). I wasn't trying to fire as fast possible. I was firing, then looking to see if the empty shell ejected before I tried to fire the next round. All of the spent hulls were hanging up after they cleared the chamber. Occassionaly, the spent hull would be ejected, but the fresh round would still be on the shell lifter and I would have to pull the bolt handle to get it into the chamber. I realize the dove loads may be a little light But the ten rounds of 00 buck should have been no problem at all. Is this something that needs to be addressed by Benelli? Did I get a lemon, or is this common? Also, after my last range session, I disassembled the gun per the manual and lubed it as instructed. As mentioned before, I paid quite a bit for this gun and frankly I expected much, much more. My Mossberg 590A1 is looking better all the time!
  10. twowheelhooligan: Do you have any first-hand experience with either of the two products I mentioned???
  11. I have a M2 Tactical I would like to put a +3 mag extension on. From what I've read, two excellent choices are the tubes from Nordic & Dave's Metal Works. I found another choice on Brownell's website from SRM Performance Products that I haven't read anything about yet. Has anyone had any experience with this tube? They are priced right ($82) and they come with the extension clamp and QD sling swivel included.
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