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  1. I think you misunderstood. I'm not trying to use the 3.5s for home defense. I just got a box of em cause I haven't shot one before. After I put three in the tube I was just curious if a 2.75 would fit afterward. Anyhow, these high velocities don't really kick alot harder than low recoils (or not that I notice). For home defense you wouldn't need high capacity anyway unless a gang broke into your house. I'm pretty sure five buck shots will do the trick but I'm just stoked I can fit six now. p.s. The turkey loads kick like a m/f for anyone who hasen't shot one. Kicks tons harder than my .3
  2. just tried it a couple of times on mine and couldn't tell the difference
  3. I just got my supernova a couple weeks ago and have been trying to find a factory +2 mag extension. By random chance I tried to put three "3 1/2 turkey rounds in and one "2 3/4 Hornady TAP 00Buck. It fit. I compared the length to a regular Federal "2 3/4 target load to the Hornady and the Hornady was considerably shorter (i.e. couple of millimeters.) Long story short, I fit five in the tube and one in the hole. I'm using this gun only for home defense and occasional target practice and that one extra buck shell makes me feel cozy so I'm not gonna try to find the elusive and expensive factory m
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