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  1. Looking to get my M1 set up with a rifled slug barrel at a decent price. Used would be fine, if anyone has one to part with please let me know. Thanks, Matt DeWall [email protected]
  2. Anyone with input one where to pick up a rifled barrel for an M1
  3. Harrydog - I am interested in your M1 pistol grip stock. Would you consider $75?



    Matt DeWall

    [email protected]

  4. posting again to get to minimum number to make a PM, sorry nothing else to add
  5. Harrydog - would like to try and work something out, but as I am new to the forum, can't send you a PM. If you get this please send me an email at dewallm at gmail . com (they also will not let me post email address for some reason, so you get the picture) Thanks
  6. Just bought an M1 and would either like to trade the standard synthetic stock for a pistol grip or purchase one if available. Thanks Matt DeWall
  7. Just checking to see if you still have the M1 stock for sale. If so, please let me know. Thanks Matt DeWall
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