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  1. fst96ss Where did you end up picking yours up at ? Thanks -Steve-
  2. So I currently have a SuperNova APG 26" and I am starting to prepare / think about deer season and don't know what to do. I am thinking about either purchasing a either a Slug barrel to put on my SuperNova or considered buying a gun for deer season. Any input on this decision would be greatly appreciated. - Steve -
  3. I have a SuperNova AGP 26" and use it for turkey this past season and it worked great. I would agree with most everyone else in the fact that Turkey is normally a one shot game but not always. I would recommend the SuperNova to anyone looking for a great pump gun. The only thing I would recommend is buy the Turkey gun with the SteadyGrip stock right away. I purchased the SuperNova with the standard ComforTech stock and now am having one **** of a time finding someone with the SteadyGrip stock in a APG finish. - Steve -
  4. I have shot with the speedbead twice now and love it. It is a quick and easy install. -Steve-
  5. Thank you Tucker for the comment and Thank you for attaching the imagine to the boards. -Steve-
  6. So I can't post a photo or a link yet because I am new to Benelli forms (listed the URL below). But I purchased my first shotgun this year a Benelli SuperNova APG 26" and got my turkey on the third day out. Here in MN it has been some interesting weather but the gun performed great. Being a new hunter I am very pleased with not only the gun but the advise and info all of you share on this form. vdritterburg.com/photos/page.html Thanks, Steve
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