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  1. my buddy hit a canvasback with winchester 3" #4 at 45yds or further, stone cold. 4 is a good shot w/ modified choke (steel full) I shoot 3" #2 w/ improved choke with good results. But I agree #4 is a great close range all around shot.
  2. Looking good! I ended up with 8 teal in early season. My buddy and I hit 8 in 7 minutes 1 morn. Sorry no pics, slammed wifes camera in hatch of suv. I am enjoying seeing all yalls pics.
  3. No good here in Texas. Heard tons of teal fly in around 3am sat. morning, but all gone by legal light. No water, 1.5 mile walk in knee deep mud to get to hunting spot, I'll be staying in the dove fields this september.
  4. Nice! I have to say Cali has the one thing I love, Waterfowl! Im definately bumping it on my "travel to" hunting destinations. 1. Argentina 2. Kansas 3. California 4. Canada, maybe.
  5. @Alpengeist Im gonna call bullsh!t on your question about preventing that from hapening again. 7.5 birdshot? No way unless you were 5yds or less. Lead or steel? They make 7.5 steel but is rare to find. Ive swatted birds at 10yds with no.2 with no major damage. I shot, out of the air, a pintail about 10yds from the tip of my barrel this year with no2 with less damage. Last but not least. Why are you shooting at birds you cant i.d. IN HAND, much less in flight?
  6. Well season ended for us Sunday. Last three weekends were the best. Got my widgeon for the wall. Finished the season with 3 greenwing out of one volle. Nothing the rest of the day, but I was happy. Sorry no pics, didnt take camera with me. Total for the year was 37. Thanks to all for the great pics of birds, support and advice.
  7. Nice birds. Wishh me luck. Im going after my Can and redheads tommorrow. Saw them rafting in groups of about 10 Can, and 20 redheads out on the spot im hunting AM.
  8. Yea max4 is best all around.
  9. Alright Ill quit being a b!tch. Texas is awesome. Good looking Widgeon. We usally dont have them around here this late, but had some pass my spread this weekend. One group wouldnt even slow down, and the second group came over after being educated by another group. The second group actually thought about coming in. Widgeon is on my "want to mount list". Id have gone home happy with 1 bird if was a widgeon.
  10. I use the GHG hot buys puddler pack and it has yet to fail me. I also take good care of my gear. What I would start with is: 12 Mallard 4-6 Pintail (Carefull, these will give decoy bads holes) Wigeon, Gadwall, and Greenwing Teal in acordance to what is prominate in your area. The idea with decoys is to set up like real duck as they behave in YOUR area. Do lots of watching, it will help with I.D. and notice how they congragate and this will tell you alot. (puddle duck, I dont see divers in my area often) I personally use Drake gear and love it. Have a ETS pull over and the 4-1
  11. People from Cali are now prohibited from posted pics on this thread do to overwhelming amounts of jealousy. Mainly from members from Texas.
  12. Not good. 31 ducks for the season, 30 shot before Thanksgiving. The water is 3 ft down at the lake I hunt and has not helped the duck. You have a good christmas?

  13. Sounds great Tucker! Wife said she was going to try that one. If I shoot any more ducks that is.
  14. good looking birds. Hopefully ill be back to posting pics this weekend.
  15. Heck yea!! Least some people are dropping them. Im gonna have to travel for some ducks this weekend.
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