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  1. its next week now. suspense .... not the nordic? custom made by kip?
  2. sorry for an uneducated question. Who is Kip? From what I gathered from other posts, he is an inventor/entrepenuer/gunsmith on a small scale, labor of love style. Is there a full name, website or other contact info? Also, on Enos forum I often hear of Benny Hill mentioned as a go-to Benelli guy, where is he?
  3. Ozarkbadger

    3 Gun

    Is this where 3 gun tournament talk would occur? I just attended my first match (midwest 3 gun, May) with an 870, and have now ordered an M2 before the Sept Ozark 3 gun. As a newbie, I can take as much info from seasoned vets as possible.
  4. I just shot my first 3gun tourney (FNH Midwest 3gun) and THEN got my 1st benelli (m2, 21"). Getting Nordic mag extension (free tourney grab bag-SCORE!), thinking bolt release and charging handle only other real needs. Nordic vs GG&G vs other. This thread moves me toward Nordic speed button if gunsmith can handle labor. C rum please pm me if you can recommend shop (I'm also in Springfield), or help a newbie. Thx
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