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  1. Found one and bought it.
  2. I currently have a Surefire 617FA forend for my Benelli M1 but it doesn't exactly fit rock solid. The instruction manual says that it is supposed to fit the newer Benelli M1s according to the serial number but there is quite a bit of rotational play in it. I do have the set screws tightened. My Benelli M1 is the newest version with the magazine tube barrel stop ring. I had to remove this ring in order to get the Surefire forend to slide over the magazine tube and their is no mention of this in the Surefire manual. This is the newer style Surefire forend with the grey rubber grip area but
  3. Mesa Tactical is supposed to be producing a sling plate for the urbino that fits between the stock and receiver. It will have a socket that accepts qd sling swivels. I have seen pics of it on Mesa Tacticals forum in the Urbino discussion thread.
  4. I mailed my rebate in on 9/29 and I received the check on 10/28. I think they say to allow 6-8 weeks for processing so I got my check faster than I expected. Just an FYI for anyone mailing in their rebates. Make sure you actually cut the UPC from your Benelli box and mail that with your receipt and rebate form. Benelli will not accept copies or pictures of the UPC. This is to avoid anyone from trying to get more than one rebate. I believe they will accept a copy of your dated sales receipt but just to be safe, I had my dealer print a duplicate copy of the sales receipt to mail in. Also,
  5. Thanks for the help Hookster. I didn't even think about the problem being with the OEM magazine tube barrel bracket and not the handguard. I guess the specs on the magazine tube bracket under the barrel varies since some people say they have fitting issues and some don't. Benelli probably doesn't see it as a problem since the factory handguards are unaffected by this slight size variation since they push against the spring washers inside the bracket and not the bracket itself. I bet most people don't always notice when the barrel isn't fully seated since it is such a small gap. The only reason
  6. I just bought a new Surefire M80 rail for my Benelli M4 and I have the same gap between the barrel collar and receiver that other people have had once the rail is installed. The barrel is not fully seated inside the receiver so this can't be right or good. I thought Surefire had fixed this problem which is why I bought the rail. I have seen this rail being used by other people on the internet so do they just live with the gap and run their guns like that or do I have a defective rail? I emailed Surefire Tech Support and am waiting for an answer but I wanted some unbiased opinions. I have read
  7. I contacted Benelli Customer Service about the loose forend and the possibility of missing a washer. I was told that there should be a flat washer and a curved washer with the forend. The flat washer goes in first against the plastic forend and then the curved washer. I am missing the curved washer causing the loose forend so they are going to send me one. I am impressed with Benellis great Customer Service. Thanks for the help Hookster.
  8. Hi, I just bought my first Benelli shotgunand it is an older HK Benelli M1 Super 90 Defense model. I noticed that the forend is a little loose with some fore and aft movement. Is this normal for the M1 S90. I have also read that there should be 2 washers used with the forend assembly on older models but mine only has one. It is a big metal washer that fits between the plastic forend and barrel ring. Am I missing one which is why the forend seems loose? Thanks
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