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  1. It looks like a Mossberg 930 Bolt release retaining pin......
  2. Yes, I'm thinking about drilling and tapping it and adding a over sized Ed Brown 1911 Mag release...
  3. I just bought this one last month and then went a little nuts with (922) accessory's go slow and spend the money it's worth it!!
  4. Great Videos Guys!! I bought 4 more boxes and a bunch of Winchester XX and Federal slugs... Video
  5. Well I ran about 100rds through it and it ate everything!! I'm really impressed with the Winchester PDX1 Defender (slug w/Buck shot) I couldn't be happier with it!! [ATTACH=CONFIG]1916[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]1917[/ATTACH]
  6. You loosen the Nob on the front of the rail and that allows the barrel to slide out for cleaning, but getting the hand guards back in is a little bit of a pain..
  7. Here's a Link http://www.sidearmor.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=46_48&products_id=128
  8. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1913[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]1914[/ATTACH] Details Carrier Comp Mag Tube FFT- follower, Hammer, Hand Guards, 3/4 Charging Handle SA- Rail w/4rd Shell carrier and 2rd carrier.. I'm going to replace the 4rd Carrier for a 8rd and add a Trijicon RMR Then buy a lot on ammo..
  9. I have a Benelli M4 2rd Ext that I no longer need It has been Duracoated Matte Black I Will post pics later $75 [ATTACH=CONFIG]933[/ATTACH]
  10. I'm open to offers and 1911 stuff for trade!!
  11. $50 for the Stock tube the extension and the the 7rd spring!!
  12. No, I don't Have the fake extension. I gave it to a friend when I bought the +2.
  13. AC45ACP


    I my redo My M4 in a Desert Pattern, I'm not sure yet I just tossing the idea around..like this pattern
  14. AC45ACP


    I have a Buddy that's down the street that's a FFL. I'll pay the transfer on my end. I could have the M4 done in 2 days then 2 more days of curing before I ship it back. So you would be looking at shipping it both ways and the transfer on your end plus what ever the price is on the camo you want. Let me know if I can Help you. Thanks AC
  15. AC45ACP


    Another one Done!! A Desert Eagle 50AE
  16. AC45ACP


    Another one done!! Kimber Pro
  17. AC45ACP


    Another one Done!!
  18. AC45ACP


    looking to paint some shotties!!
  19. I have the Mesa 8rd side saddle and Rail is nice and it's rock solid!! The saddle replaces the top rail and screws in with 5 crews, and that's it, 10 mins and your done.
  20. AC45ACP


    I say paint away!!
  21. If you had a heat gun it would be very easy!! I stripped down the gun and removed barrel and follower and focused the heat on the bottom of the receiver where the mag screws in.. I held the heat on there for about 3min and then grabbed the far end of the mag and unscrewed it, it came off easy.
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