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  1. My new R-1 300 WinMag has has 140 rounds through it consisting of Federal factory, W780 handloads (150s, 168 & 180s), A4350 150s, H4831 150,168 & 180. Bullets have been Barnes, Hornady, Sierra & Nosler. Still have yet to clean it and it has yet to malfunction. If you want a malfunction, ease the bolt closed. Just like any semi auto, you gotta let the operating system close the bolt. I also own an MR-1 that has seen 500 plus rounds of whatever I can get the cheapest (no steel case). Just goes bang everytime I pull the trigger and has never been apart since the initial tear down, cleaning and lubrication. It is amusing that all the AR boys are rushing to create piston guns. Guess what the OS on the R-1 & MR-1 is ? AND it is a shorter stroke system (cleaner)! An issue with no evidence to support it. As I recall the USMC 12 bore Bennelli (which uses the ARGO system) passed the 5000 round test, the mud test and water immersion test without a hiccup. The one fault the R-1 has is that it is tough on case rims. They still seem to work fine but look a bit ratty after 5 reloads. I do not full length size as all 300 Winmag fl dies set back the shoulder which contributes neither to accuracy or case life. Only new factory Winchester brass is used for hunting loads after neck sizing, trim to square up and chamfering. Just an aside, but still waiting for my Winchester National Match M-1 to malfunction...and it's on its second barrel !
  2. Never seen a 22-250 R-1. Why are you posting off topic posts on the R-1 thread?
  3. Now if you would delete yourself from the site, we would all be better off.
  4. Not only a fool but a paranoid one as well! LOL Seen any balck helos recently???????
  5. Tucker is, as usual, a good little boy who would have probably been wearing a Brown Shirt in 1937. The regulations are put out by idiot bureaucrats whose only goal in life is justify their existance and expand their power. The regs are stupid and BTW, Canada is NOT a signatory to the treaty that started this whole mess nor are riflecopes to be found as prohibited or restricted items in ANY USPS regs, going or coming! If you want to march to the drumbeat of petty morons clogging up commerce with regulations that are worthless that is up to you. I just won't sell any scopes overseas and my Scudule C taxable income will go down and the stupid government will never be able to see tha A caused B. "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" Tucker read Guns, Germs and Steel it might enlighten you to the fact that government is always a blockage to free men being free! Newt-Condi 2012
  6. DONT SEND SCOPES TO CANADA!!!!! It appears that the USPS and US Customs do not have the same rules for shipment of Optics to Canada. If you use PayPal or Click-n-Ship to create a paid label, part of the process is checking off a box confirming that you are not shipping and prohibited or restricted items as defined here: http://pe.usps.gov/text/Imm/ce_003.htm#ep6216933 But not so fast. I had a scope being shipped to Canada seized by our stalwart Homeland Security guys (US Customs) because they claim I needed an export license for it. After hours on the phone (all you get is "we're to busy to talk to you" recordings), I handed it off to my US Senator. Doubt I'll ever see the scope as it will probably be "sold" at some Customs Auction held at 2 AM on Christmas Eve. The meaning of those bumper stickers "I love my country, but fear my government" is getting more clear!
  7. You'll never know until you find the right one and buy it, now will you ?
  8. Had to add another msg to get third picture....silly!
  9. Since Cabela's has a 2 for 1 going on TAC X (same as TSX) bullets I stocked up. 150 TSX 308 boattail in the 300 Win Mag (the real one) at 100. Leupy 2.5-8 VariX III. From fastest to slowest powder, which was the only variable. W780 is the newest and meters well if you use a measure. In two bolt guns the 4831 was the best load...go figure. Obviously not a hot load. Will put it on the Chrony and go from there.
  10. Now on Gunbroker w/pics (but no 5 shot group) LOL!
  11. Did it mess up your little Bowtie when you hit them? LAFFIN What kind of feeder did you use to bait them ? LAFFIN MORE Let us know when you get your Dall Sheep, Brown Bear, Cape Buffalo (need I go on) without a guide or PH HOWLIN! Can we see your "trophy room" so we can compare it with Boddington's FALLIN ON THE FLOOR!
  12. Tucker I wouldn't post a photo of my horse's back end for you. Anyone who is interested can PM me. Thanks.
  13. Sorry but I am so tired of the azzholes who have never written a book, had an article published or really done nothing compared to the men & women who write for the Gun Magazines. To slander them is easy when you are hiding behind a keyboard but I am 100% sure none of these "experts" experiences could not hold a candle to the Guys and Gals who write for Rifle, Bugle, Guns & Ammo, Handloader and Successful Hunter (just to name a few). Tell us about your Marco Polo sheep, your African, Indian, New Zeland, South American and even Alaskan hunts...... Please provide names, dates, photos, who was your guide or PH, and of course be sure your R1 is in the photo with you and the trophy. I'm not holding my breath........
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