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  1. It is easy to believe people are experiencing accuaracy issues. First: Most people do not post problems they are not experiencing. Human nature being as it is leads people to lift up the things they possess. That is why the honda civic owner next door is always revving up his engine before going. "His car is soooo powerfull". Second: and more importantly. I am experiencing the same thing. A gun guy my entire life. Farm kid from northern Saskatchewan living in northern Alberta. I belong to several gun forums. All of which I own a gun. I have not seen complaints about accuracy from other fo
  2. You did not read very well. If you read my post again I said there may be exeptions But, But, But, I know I could etc. etc. etc. So I did not call everyone a liar. I only said it's too easy to do. I almost did it myself because I did not want to admit I can't group less than 3 inches with my Benelli at 100 yrds. I can shoot sub moa all day with my bolt. I shot moa with my friends Bar and almost single holes with my 22-250. I have read enough to know I am not alone here and I would love to see this trend reverse. I think my Benelli is the sharpest rifle I have ever owned and I think they shou
  3. If Benelli ever checks these threads, (and I would if I owned a reputable gun Co.), I just want you to know that I find your R1/Argo rifle to be the most comfortable and most eye appealing rifle I have ever owned. The potential for you to steal top marks in high end rifle manufacturing is almost there. The problem is this. A rifle at the price you ask should be extraordinarily accuarate. You should be able to gaurantee a 1 1/2 MOA. I have read enough posts to know I am not alone here. It is my opinion that if you cannot get the accuaracy with your present barrels you should seek a reputable ba
  4. Benelli Armi (itatly) advetises a optional 5 shot mag. At the bottom of the mag accessories under optional. They have 10 shot for 308 and 06 only right from benelli. how hard it will be to order one from italy i could not say. Worth a try. I may try myself. Note: when at the benelli armi home page remember the R1 is called an Argo (same gun).
  5. Thanks for the reply. I would lump sitting and kneeling in with free hand standing. The nature of my post was simply to practice shooting in a practical hunting stance as apposed to a controled bench with bags or rifle cradles. You're absolutly correct. If my target is outside of 100 yrds or looks comfortable where it is I too will use a kneeling position. I am no good at prone as the only time a scope ever kissed my eye I was lying down. Now I always flinch. Hope to hear from you again.
  6. sgj2025 - I read somewhere that a whitetail rarely travels more than a mile from its place of birth in its entire life so you just may be in luck there. You'll have to go out and find some sheds this spring and next season do some scouting. Also use buck atractants to get them to hang in a certain area. One other trick Gramps taught me when he was alive. 3 weeks or so before season take a unwashed sock and hang it where you plan to stand. Change the sock every week. The deer will become accustomed to your cent and stop fearing it. Good Luck
  7. I know we all go to the range. Set up our bench and practice our grouping. It's nice to see tight little clovers or even one ragged hole but I have not yet found a bench set up in front of a Moose, Deer, Lope or even a yodel dog. Once in a while a truck hood will double for a rest but not always. I also do a lot of practice free hand shooting. Once your gun is accurate you have to make yourself accurate too. I bring this up as I rcently heard a story about a fellow who was happy if he could shoot a pie plate at 200 yrds. The fellow telling the story was scoffing. He figured a 2 inch group
  8. fun times had by all. I see you're a fan of wood. I know synth. stocks have a lot of benefits but you can't beat the astec appeal of nice wood.
  9. Way to go. I wish we had hogs up here in Northern Canada. Looks great.
  10. You can shoot a slug through a full choke. Of course when yer done you'll have a cyl. choke.
  11. I have a serious case of "festivus finger" from downloading grievance forms. I had to wright this post with pinkies only. P.S. Tucker301, Uh, I'll be needin yer mailing info.
  12. swacker ll at the top of the R1 forum thread list, (before you pick a thread) you will see a lilltl blue box with "new thread" written in it. This box is about an inch above the top thread on the left. give it a try.
  13. I am really biting at the bit. I can't wait for the up and comming deer season. I'm spending copious amounts of time looking through sports catalogues like Cabela's etc. I'm planning strategies and dreaming of monster racks. In the meantime I am enjoying the wonderfull aroma of cooking venison from this years harvest. Yep, only 11 and one half months to go to next deer season.
  14. I wouldn't like to admit it on the forum but my .300 is at least as bad. Shoots all over the place. My Wby .300 is shooting 3/4 inch at 200 yrds regular. The only thing my Benelli is good for is showing it off - like a piece of art.

  15. Not sure what's in a box (reload) but as far as droping the bolt goes. I don't put a cartridge in the chamber. Just 3 in the mag put in the mag and push the release. This releases the bolt at max velocity i would asume. Once i tear her apart and clean her up she works well again for a box or so.
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