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  1. The manufacturer will sell you one of the bee hive shells in 37 mm if you can show proof of NFA licensing of the flare launcher as a DD. $200 tax. BFD.
  2. Completely worthless but still pretty cool... http://www.onlythebestfirearms.com/beehive.html
  3. The mag tube clamp with the picatinny rail adapter will let you do that.
  4. I'm 6'3" tall with arms to match and the SNT is just about too long LOP for me. Every other gun is too short so its not me being picky. I got lucky and my dad had to have the SNT so I didnt feel too bad letting it go. My M2T is the same though. That gun has other stuff going for it that makes me forget about LOP. Get the Remington.
  5. I cannot email anyone directly on this site or post my email address because of my abysmally low post count. If you need to email me please do at shrkattk at gmail.com You know what to do with the "at"....
  6. yes it is still available

  7. is the cantilever slug barrel for nova still available

  8. Badger Super Nova Rifled Slug Barrel. 24 inches. Cantilever scope mount. Scope mount shortened 3/4" to clear tactical rear sight. $125 shipped. Never used. Dad wanted to trade me a Vaquero for the SuperNova before I ever got a chance to use the slug barrel so now I have a slug barrel with no gun and of course it won't fit my M2. SOLD
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