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  1. I am shooting a Super-Nova. Ducks: #3 Hevi-Metal 3" with Carlsons new ported choke. Light Mod over decoys Geese: #2 Hevi-Shot 3" with Carlsons Full choke. The chokes are the same ones Carlson's designed for Hevi-Shot just with a Carlson's stamp on them instead of Hevi-Shot. More options form Carlson's in the same chokes also. Check them out at Carlsons web site. NEW Ported sporting clay choke tubes.
  2. I think the oversized trigger gaurd is worth it alone. Shooting when it freezing and wet out you need gloves and the oversized trigger gaurd is awesome! The comfort-tech is deffenatly nice too.
  3. Check out carlson's website. Its really helpful and there will be info for the chokes on your gun.
  4. I just ordered them direct off Carlson's web site. Way more options, and 20 bucks cheaper! Cant wait to try them out
  5. I just bought a SuperNova and want to get a nice choke tube set. I shoot the Hevi-Metal shells right now so the Hevi choke tubes look appealing. Anyone have any experience with these?
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