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  1. Hey guys, this year marks my first year of hunting ducks with my new NOVA. What are you guys using for ammo and chokes? So far I've used KENT FASTEEL BB's with MOD choke for Canada's and ducks. Nots too impressed with my duck haul so far so I traded some boxes of BB's for #2s today in hopes of increasing my kills. I'm trying to get some boxes of HEVI-METAL in Southern Ontario but having no luck. I would love to hear your choke/ammo combos that are working and what you swear by for ducks. Cheers
  2. I use the TRUGLO GOBBLESTOPPER .665 with 3.5" HEVI-13 #4, vented. Dropped a jake opening day in Southern Ontario and a tom on the followig Monday. Very tight and absolutely deadly. I have a box of Federal Premium with the Flightcontrol Wad, 3" #6's as well but haven't needed them. They do pattern very well though.
  3. Good for you!! Yeah, why let the kids have all the fun with em eh?
  4. WOW, Gorgeous gun. A stunnig claro-walnut stock with beautiful figure. You actually going to shoot it?? I'm not sure I could!! Congrats, stunning piece.
  5. God, the sheer arrogance of Mayweather makes my blood boil. I hate his guts, he picks his fights very very carefully to avoid a serious "in-his-prime" fighter like Pacquiao so naturally I'm praying for Mosley to track him down and destroys him. $22.5m guaranteed?? Seriously? I won't be buying it nor watching it seeing as Boston Pizza isn't carrying it. I'll let TSN fill me in. And you??
  6. Hockey is my religion, the Benelli is my patron Saint
  7. I bought a brand new NOVA (24", APG Camo) for the turkey season this year and I had no time to pattern it or shoot it prior to the season. I was reluctant to shoot it at the sites I was planning on hunting and whenever my hockey teammates were working days I was on nights and couldn't get to the gun club. I purchased a TRUGLO Gobble Stopper choke for it, some HEVI-13 3 1/2" #4s, factory sights and reluctantly went out on opening day. Within 25mins of legal-shooting time I had called in two hens and two jakes and my first ever turkey was down. Perfect head-shot at 23yds. Noticed absolutely
  8. I just bagged my first turkey this morning with my NOVA, 3.5" 2 1/4oz HEVI-13 #4's. It patterned very well with the TRUGLO Gobble-Stopper, .665". Paid $25 at Bass Pro and it came with TRUGLO optic front and rear sight. I stuck with factory sights today. I would not hesitate to buy that TRUGLO again. But like most forums, you ask 10 people the same question, you'll get 10 different answers. It's gotta be tight to be good!
  9. Thanks guys. Can't wait to pattern this thing either. I'll keep yah posted with pics. Glad to be aboard
  10. Being a newbie I did alot of research online and read alot of magazine articles to find the best turkey choke for my Nova. And from that research I realized that I had no definitive answer to my question. If I read 10 articles I had 10 different answers. It's going to be by talking to guys in the field, on forums, buying a couple chokes and patterning them with different loads that you find something you're happy with. That's just been my experience.
  11. Just got a brand new NOVA in APG-HD, 24" barrell, a bunch of turkey calls, a Gobble Stopper choke, 3 different boxes of tukery loads, turkey coarse on Apr 7, full head-to-toe camo outfit and ready to rock! Right now, looks like I'll be best-dressed with nowhere to go.
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