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  1. If the steel is rated for pistol ammunition at a minimum - it'll simply scrape the paint off of the surface.
  2. Correct - mostly birdshot but slugs and buckshot as well. The stage at 2:20 is all buckshot.
  3. Happy Fourth! Enjoy: [video=youtube_share;_ozI4YGAuwo]
  4. It's actually more like 2 3/4 of a Benelli. I won the following items and was going to put together another Benelli M1 but I am considering putting together a Vinci for 3-Gun: Trigger Assembly Bolt Assembly Receiver Assembly Buttstock What you get is everything minus the barrel, trigger group pin, and foregrip (all three parts are easily purchased). The reason I don't have the remaining parts is that I won the ones above in an auction. JesseT and Mike Cy @ Accurate Iron won everything else. I have not fired it but would be glad to record a video function test with the two different barrels and foregrips on my other Benelli M1S90s. I'd be willing to trade it all for a Benelli Vinci plus cash on my end. Contact me at dyno 541 at gmail dot com if you've got a Vinci. No cash sales right now.
  5. Complete shotgun dyno541 at gmail dot com - please don't PM.
  6. Wrong - it could very well be worth more especially with the ATF's current consideration of sporting shotguns like this. The trade will be done plus or minus cash based on the other party's offer.
  7. The gun is in the following configuration: 18.5" Barrel with notch and bead sight 3 gas ports in a triangle Polychoke JT Magazine well Four 13 round SGM magazines (12 Reloadable) Aaredondo magazine clamp and shell stop A low profile weaver rail mounted on the receiver rail A Burris XTS-135 red dot I will trade the items above +\- cash depending on the setup of the Benelli. I will consider all M1/M2 models other than the ones with 18.5" barrels. The Saiga has less than 1000 rounds fired and it runs. I can send video of it working on request. (Not pictured is the fourth magazine and magazine clamp) To inquire or make an offer, contact me at: dyno541 at gmail dot com
  8. Plus or minus cash depending on what comes with the shotgun and the condition of it. The press is new, please email me at dyno541 at gmail dot com - please do not PM me here. The Nova/Supernova must be black and have a vent rib barrel.
  9. Absolutely right. A heavy stock and a light barrel transitions from target to target more quickly than a light stock and a heavy barrel. In addition to that, the PRS allows shooters to adjust the stock to match their cheekbone with their sight line which is incredibly useful.
  10. Enjoy! (Both of us shoot HK Benelli shotguns and there is plenty of that in here) SpikesTactical ShootingTeam | Facebook
  11. SOLD SOLD SOLD Video of stock in use here - it's in excellent condition: http://www.youtube.com/spikesshootingteam $100 Shipped OBO - Open to trades.
  12. Found the stock, still looking for the barrel. Will trade a LaRue LT011 upper plus cash on your end or buy outright. dyno541 at gmail dot com
  13. That's a good question - I put it on about 4 years ago and it is circular - shaped like a doorknob. They make them for 1100/87's as well. That might narrow it down a bit. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v706/AZERIC/Shotgun%20Safety/IMG_2199.jpg We wish! We reload all of our pistol/rifle ammo in house. It was 40.5gr of WC846 under 150gr M80 ball - CCI Large Rifle Magnum and nickel plated cases so they can be easily found.
  14. Check it out here along with our new Facebook page - enjoy: http://www.facebook.com/ACCShooters
  15. We decided to make them in house and each of us put a little variation on them. The guy with the pump has his cascading and I decided to drop all of mine low but unfortunately, it has the side effect of looking like a skirt. Thanks! The shooter of the Saiga 12 is one of our new guys. That is his second time shooting a shotgun and his first time with my Saiga. The M1 definitely shoots smoother and the only edge that the Saiga has is it's 12+ round reload.
  16. You'd be the first person to identify it. We try to use stuff that isn't too mainstream.
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