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  1. magna port will do it for relatively cheap compared to what you are describing in the different models
  2. you want to be careful using a wooden plug because in humid climates it cal swell and cause problems for you. just keep that in mind.
  3. I will be specifically hunting squirrels and rabbits this weekend with my supernova, does anyone have any suggestions for shells and chokes in this situation?
  4. ill be shooting at a backyard ranch range
  5. Does any one know where i can buy a cheap slug barrel for a supernova, preferably in apg but ill take what i can get!
  6. thank you so much for the insight. does any one happen to have any links to sites that i should know, have and read just in general for upland hunting and shotgun shooting in general?
  7. i do plan on using it for hunting and the montana law says 3+1 so i actually need to buy a plug for hunting, but i want an extension for shooting clay and targets at the range.
  8. Hi, my name is Adam and i have a Benelli Super Nova in the mail right now and i couldn't be more excited. I plan to use this gun to hunt duck, quail, deer and turkey but not until next season. Until then i will be out at the ranges learning how to use this magnificent piece of machinery as well as it was made. So until i start hunting with it, i figured i would work on getting a few mods. the first is going to be a magazine extension tube, except i cant seem to find one in apg. the next would be barrel ports as i have heard this is very helpful with duck hunting. Please throw out any advice yo
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