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  1. It sucks that you've had bad C.S. with Benelli. I've been following this thread prior to shooting my newly aquired used Supernova. I got a little worried that I might have bought a lemon because my SN is practically like new in box and I picked it up for a very good price. Brought it out yesterday and shot several different brands of shells without a hitch. Hopefully Benelli will fix their CS issues with you. Good Luck!
  2. I finally got to shoot my SuperNova yesterday. This shotgun fits me perfectly. When compared to my previous shotguns, the shots were not nearly as harsh. I would describe the recoil as a gentle push and not a raging kick. Just my $.02
  3. I've heard the same message. I've only called once and had to wait maybe 6-7 minutes. But once I got a person, he was very helpful and knew his stuff.
  4. Thank you very much UNSC_WARRIOR for the link. That will work perfectly!! And to everyone else thanks for the help! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  5. I've been looking for two weeks w/o any sure finds. I have a few months to find one. Will any manufacturer's 12 gauge plug work? What length is the Benelli's plug? What value is it worth to you?
  6. I cannot find a limiter plug to buy for my supernova. Anyone have a source for them or one you'll never need again??? Merry Christmas to all!!
  7. If this helps at all- I bought a brand new SPR453 a year or so ago. I ran countless shells though it. I messed with the gas system. It wouldn't cycle 7/8 or 1 oz loads. Save your money and buy quality the first time, it'll be cheaper in the long run. I now have a pump SuperNova
  8. I just bought a slightly used SuperNova yesterday. It looks brand new. I brought it home, stripped it down, and cleaned it. I didn't get an owners manual with it. So I followed the one online. I removed the magazine cap and saw where one corner was slightly pushed in . Is this the way it comes from the factory? I couldn't get the retainer out. I didn't want to break it. What tool do I need to get the spring retainer cap out? Thanks!!
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