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  1. That is exactly what happened to mine.
  2. I just have to say it again. I was amazed at how well Benelli stood behind their product. My gun was over 15 years old and they repaired it and refinished the barrel for free. It doesn't get any better than that.
  3. Just call their customer service. Have the unspoken attitude that it is a manufacturing flaw and ask (if they don't offer) for them to repair it under warranty. They will. It is a known flaw. Benelli is an awesome company for doing this for their customers. I actually bought a new M2 just because I was so happy that they treated me so well.
  4. This is common for older Benellis. My M1S90 sheared off at the barrel ring in December. Benelli fixed it and refinished the barrel at no charge. It took 4 months. I was grateful even though I had to wait.
  5. I had the barrel ring shear off my 15+ year old M1S90 in December during a duck hunt. Benelli is repairing this for me at NO COST. I am so happy with them as a company, I bought a brand new M2 American with MAX4 camo. Now I have a gun and a back up gun for my hunting next year. It doesn't get any better than that. My son shoots a Montefeltro. They have a loyal customer for life.
  6. You can try Mann and Sons. I have ordered parts from them before. 618-357-2911
  7. Do any modifications need to be made to the gun if you use a 14" barrel to make it function reliably? Another way of asking the same question ... Is there anything structurally different about a 14" barrel over a 18" barrel? P.S. I know you have to go through the NFA hoops and that 18" is the legal length normally.
  8. Talked to customer service. They will fix it under warranty. Awesome.
  9. I was duck hunting today. Towards the end of the hunt, the part of the barrel ring that slides over the magazine tube sheared completely off the barrel. I was shooting 3" #2 steel shells. The magazine cap was tight as usual. The thing just sheared right off. The gun is about 15 years old. What are the chances that Benelli will fix this under warranty? Barrels should not do that no matter how old they are.
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