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  1. Email just sent. I don't have a c-stock.
  2. (SOLD) In great shape. It is used with just under 500 total rounds through it. Has run perfectly. Solid, reliable, great shotgun but I need cash instead. Shoots the Winchester X slugs from Walmart straight as can be. Plenty of extras, so this is ready to go as soon as you get it. · CarrierComp titanium full-length tube with accompanying longer spring (stock tube and spring included) · Mesa Tactical Urbino stock with cheekrest and Limbsaver pad (original pistol grip stock included….the Benelli grip on the original stock was switched onto the Urbino stock since it is more comfortable than the Mesa grip) · GG&G charging handle (original included) · GG&G large bolt release (original included) · Mesa Tactical 6shell tactical side saddle · Brownells aluminum follower (original included) · Foregrip 2pac shell holder (for quick reloads) · Elzetta flashlight mount (thumbscrew version, not currently mounted) · Original choke wrench, oil, etc. included Pictures available, let me know what email to send to. $1900 shipped to your FFL USPS MO ok, very discreet Paypal + 4% ok
  3. Easier loading due to less spring force to fight. There is still 12" of spring hanging out of the tube with the cap off, so it isn't that marginal. For me, it is a play gun at the moment, not a HD/combat responsibility.
  4. I don't have the Nordic+1 on my CC tube, but have been using the factory spring as well. No issues.
  5. Weird, hadn't seen that sight before until yesterday....... I just checked out a friend's M2 yesterday with it at the range. It was a very bright sunny day in TX, and that sight was definitely bright and easy to pick up. Much better than the stock dot. Thumbs-up IMO.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I think I'll spend some more time practicing and see if I can improve before changing styles.
  7. cold, saw your early info on the M2 aimed at competition on ARF. What is the timeline and cost on it? Assuming it'll be cost-advantageous compared to a Salient build due to manufacturing capability and throughput? New to 3gun, having only been to 1-2 local matches and the TXMG Championship (Larue match). Running a Benelli M4 because it is what I have.......starting up with a different shotgun better geared to 3gun in the near future but we won't mention what brand it is here. Mainly because M2 was not easy to come by, wants more changes done to it, and cost a little more than the option I went with out of the box......glad to see hopefully changing as 3gun continues to grow. Thus, I'm looking forward to the future as more companies, Benelli included, are gearing factory builds towards this sport. Have enjoyed myself quite a bit and looking forward to seeing what develops. Also looking forward to the load2 loading developments, as weakhand practice has been yielding slow gains for me. Any tips appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  8. Any chance of an out-of-the-box dedicated 3gun release anytime soon as a result?
  9. If someone needs one, let me know as I have one available also.
  10. Absolutely agree with this assessment. I moved the Benelli grip over to the Urbino last night........the Benelli rubber is a bit softer as well, so that and the more rounded lines where Grizz describes makes for a more natural feel than the Urbino grip. Other than that area, I didn't notice other areas of the grip that felt appreciably different.
  11. Eh, just depends what each shooter finds comfortable. Especially AR nose-to-charging-handle shooters compared to guys with full A2 stocks type of thing. Just some light-hearted joshing all around.
  12. LOL, skeevies, trying to assist in salvaging your sense of humor.....well, severe lame attempt at it.
  13. That is correct. The non-LS version and LS version are the same length. The LS replaces the regular endpiece. The desire of course was to keep the same LOP between the versions.
  14. LOL, indeed! Internet experts..........the Internet never ceases to entertain and provide humor.
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