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  1. well if your reason for buying the cougar in .40 s&w isnt a financial one i highly recommend the beretta 90-two in the same caliber i own one and it is an absolute pleasure to shoot i cant tell you enough about it, and it looks much better than the cougar.
  2. i own a super sport and the sbe ii in matte black and satin walnut stock, if your talking shootability how it points, cycle rate, fit finish and feel the super sport is your gun. If your concerned with recoil there isnt much difference between the two, if any the sbe ii is actually better. p.s. i have a 30" on my super sport and 28" on the sbe ii
  3. Lol stoger gm and benelli is honda? So they both suck is what your saying?
  4. I own a supersport and an sbeii and i do because i couldnt makeup my mind like your trying to do. But if i had to choose just one for clays and hunting then sbe ii is the way to go, its great for both where the supersport is really just a clays gun
  5. Benelli gear store has them and midwestgunworks.com gas them cheaper but good luvk finding an exact match for the forend im on try #3 still striking out
  6. Dont get the slug barrel if it didnt come with it already on! I have an sbe ii with a satin walnut finish, its easily a 1,000 dollar project all said and done.(whatever anyone tells you trust me i know im going through **** trying to figure this out you DO need a new forend to accomadate the thicker barrel it is not the same i have the crio slug 24" matte black) after the barrel $600 the forend $165 then scope rings and bases. But whats most frustrating about the ordeal is benelli promised me that the forend on their site would work, so i bought it and it didnt work. I bought one from midwestgunworks.com also it didnt work. And what i mean when i say didnt work is that they looked like cheap chinese knockoffs made from balsa wood and stained with maple syrup. Nowhere and i mean nowhere close to looking like it matched the stock. All im asking for is the exact style forend on my field barrel. So im on try number 3 trying to get the right one, wish me luck and just know what your getting into if you decide to do this, its a pain and everyone i spoke to at benelli acted as if i was an annoyance for even asking where to find it and rushed me off the phone. Benelli is a great gun i own two of them but after being left in the dark by benelli on this im done giving them my money im sorely dissapointed by the whole experiance.
  7. Is this slug barrel in matte black like the unicorn of gun parts or what? And do i need to get a different forend for the gun, i bought it in satin walnut with the 28" smooth bore but i would really like to have a slug barrel with a scope mounted that i could just swap as needed, but i can only find the timber camo and have no idea if i need a different forend grip
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