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  1. sent you a pm - what ever you want do - 50 - or a knife or flashlight equal to 50 - its all good to me. thanks.
  2. I am now current - lol - O replys equals -- 50 bucks - have a feeling I will bury it in the ground and let birds sit on it as they contemplate worm vibes. Cheers.
  3. I took the original stock off - no marks on it - sitting around - I would trade for a fix blade knife of quality - used is okay by me as long as you didn't hack down trees etc. -- I would even trade for a fix blade of quality - and a pocket knife ( don't like sog) - anyway - I see these stocks listed on ebay etc for around 150 to 175 - so I don't know what the deal is on here - I have not kept current - what I do see seems over priced and I am not in that crowd - I just have something I am not using and maybe someone would prefer a oem stock instead of having some knives they are not using sit
  4. The looks - I am wondering if it would be feasable to take a regular M4 and take it apart and have the barrel done up by some company to its chromed out - marine finish - what ever the H2O has - and thus basically do what benelli has done with this - revamped m4. I can't imagine that the cost would be all that much and would be alot cheaper than buying the H20 and the wait would not be so long doing the project - I mean its going to still act like a shotgun as an end result. okay so that's my opinion - what's yours thanks also I saw a picture of someone selling a benelli nova
  5. williams gun sights -- google is your friend and please no posts about how you can get the same gun from fred's for 6 dollars only.. american. lol
  6. http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/654_775/products_id/411544376
  7. Vague


    https://www.blackborechokes.com/index.php/buy.html?page=shop.browse&category_id=7 -- in looking at this his hunterpro chokes and the tactical chokes both refer to Standard. With different constrictions available - with a suggestion not to use steel shot with close quarters chokes. It would be my guess standard is standard but Mark is only a phone call away to get the info you need.
  8. any interest in starting a "seen elsewhere thread" all things benelli tactical new and used - seems like it would be a good way to help everybody find stuff as a collective whole. just an idea.
  9. that looks like some no nonsense ammo. no need to buy gold stock up on this and use it for barter later on - thanks for link to source.. they have several others and I can see its going to involve my wallet if I can just lift my butt cheek to get it out.. at the price It would take a bear or moose or bigfoot charging to really shoot it - but as long as you pulled off a sure shot with no shake looks like you could count on it. scary looking stuff. thanks to you for actually shooting it and reporting on it.
  10. This new development begs the question - are you all out of collapsible stocks? Did my new one I took off to put on one of your collapsible stocks suddenly increase in value - not that I would ever market it where your marketing your items - its just that curious adults want to know... I mean I was going to plant my old stock in my rock garden facing down - as a joke but your saying no? It has value now? If you don't reply and give away your trade secrets I will understand your giving us the silent nod. That standard stocks are back in vogue. To go along with that buried stock in the rock gard
  11. 9100 - perhaps the better question would be "will they ever be 325 shipped, again?" ---- lol --- who can predict the wacky stock market?
  12. this is quote from magazine listed at bottom published in 2007 12-Gauge Benelli M4 Combat Shotgun Up close and personal: The Benelli M4 Combat Shotgun is being deployed to troops in Afghanistan’s Helmand province BRITISH soldiers at the forefront of fighting in southern Afghanistan have been given a new punch care of the latest addition to their armoury. In a move to hit the Taliban at close range, troops are being armed with the combat shotgun to deal with enemy fighters concealing themselves in Helmand province’s Green Zone. The semi-automatic 12-gauge Benelli M4 weapon wa
  13. http://www.atf.gov/publications/firearms/012611-study-on-importality-of-certain-shotguns.pdf
  14. I am glad to hear the supply of c stocks is plentiful. I had an emergency plan incase of fire of stopping long enough to take the c stock off the shotgun before fleeing the flames. Now I can just crawl out to safety with my dog. How much better does life get than c stocks a plenty... Breaks into rendition of Somewhere over the C stock skys are filled with blue rock -------
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