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  1. the US is very laxed compared to Canada and some parts of europe. I got fmaily in the Holland and the gun laws are crazy! kupt.
  2. they do but 20 gauge's are becoming more and more popualr. Mind you they don't put as many pellets in a 10" circle at 40 yards but they still put a good 150-200 #7's. Which no matter what is a dead bird. kupt.
  3. Looking at getting a M2 20 gague 26" barrel in real tree and making it a turkey gun. Does the 20 gauge come with the steady grip option? I didn't see it on the site. If not will a regular steady grip from a 12 gauge SBEII or M2 fit it? Thanx in advance kupt.
  4. I got a jelly head choke and I haven't found a load that it patterns well with. I am running an indian creek now and am getting 220+ in a 9.5" circle at 40. I got it mint but for some stupid reason I always find myself tinkering with it to get it better. From what I have red online the federal flight controlled loads. (heavy and lead) should work quite well with the jelly head. Start with the cheaper ones of course. Chev.
  5. LOL who rated this thread a *****? kupt.
  6. forgot to add that I live in Ontario Canada so Shipping will be more and I'm willing to work that into the deal. kupt.
  7. Looking to buy a steady grip in Max-4 for my SBEII. Let me knw if you got one. kupt.
  8. All three are #6's. I have been using the 3.5" 1.75oz #6 in the gun last season the half the season before. THey pattern the best out of anything that I have patterned! ALso the #5's weren't to shabby either. kupt.
  9. this is what my gun did with Winn XR. I was very dissapointed esp when the guys I hunt with it sware by it and say there is nothing else better out there. Another load to try is the Federal Heavyweight. I have yet to find a dealer around me but I have heard alot of good about them in Benelli's kupt.
  10. For now I'm using my waterfowling SBEII with an Indian Creek choke. These were done in the middle of jan when it was -4* out. It's a little tighter in the spring and I actually get the best patterns with the 3.5" 1.75oz in either 4, 5, or 6's. Never patterned anything else because thats the only three shot sizes we are legally aloud to use. I have dialed her in pretty good and have been using open sights the whole time. I finally decided to pattern it at 20 yards (which is where I shot most of my birds) The pattern was just over 4" wide!!! Seeing that made me realized my 8-0 has been lucky
  11. Ok well now that waterfowl season is over it's time for me to start thinking about turkey's!!!! Lets see everyone's turkey thumper and patterns! kupt.
  12. Anyone else know where I can get one of these? kupt.
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