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  1. I would cancel, but I've already paid up front "due to Benelli's rules" and now that's not an option. I paid $1,499 plus tax, but really could've have gotten it for around $50 more if I would have known it would have taken so long. It's not so much the wait time, just the run around, you know what I mean? I called a bunch of other local places last week and they said they were all backordered for 60 days.
  2. Well, I ordered this sucker on December 27th and it's March 17th - no SBEII in hand. I talked to the local store salesman who takes care of the ordering and he, in turn, called the Benelli USA salesman. He said it could be as long as 90 days from the time of order. I also called Benelli USA and was told that they cannot give me an exact time when they should get my gun in, but it's on a first-come, first-serve basis. Isn't that a contradiction? I mean, if they know who ordered first, they would know who's getting first. I sure do love their shotguns (own one already), but I think their shipping, handling, and tracking is lacking in a big way. I think they should at least give their distributors a lot more detail.
  3. Did you have to place an order or was it stocked in the store?
  4. GeorgeCF99

    Shipping time

    I know I've seen a similar thread on here before, but I can't find it. I ordered an SBEII in December and was told by the Benelli dealer 30 days max. Well, that has come and gone and they said that Benelli will not tell them what order they are on the list, and they don't have a definite time. Is this just hot air?
  5. We just had a Soldier (SPC) sling a Mossberg over his back. As much junk as people talk about them, it performed flawlessly.
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