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  1. What kind of range and accuracy can I expect using rifled slugs in this short barrel. Comparing this to benelli m2 26" vented ribed. Better accuracy with ghost ring sights.
  2. I had a rifled choke tube for my Nova...about 6 inches long past the barrel. Bead sights and slugs did not work out for me. I have to have the bead cover my target to hit. Choke was all black, thick walled, like 50 bucks. Sold it to a gun shop for 15 bucks. As for maker I do not rember, came in a clear plastic tube with some paper inside and hung on a peg hook in the store. No clam shell packaging or big frame around it, like a single cigar hanging.
  3. I want the ghost ring sights on a rifled barrel M2, but this is not made by Benelli. I really like the feel of the pistol grip stock on a M2 tactical 18" barrel but I loose out on benefits of a rifled barrel. Maybe a M2 with ghost ring sights, pistol grip, 18 inch barrel, chokes, and buy a rifled choke tube........this will add about 6 inches to the barrel length making the 18" barrel to 24" which is the length of a rifled barrel. Down side is I have to use low recoil sabot slugs or low velocity sabots in the M2 in order for rifled choke tubes rifling to grab and impart spin on the sabot.
  4. Peep sight on a Benelli rifled barrel slug gun. Peeps are quicker aiming. Can one be ordered on or for a m2 or SBb2???? 12 ga. black, comfort tech stock.
  5. Can one order a benelli slug barrel for a m2 or SBE2, set up with the high front post so a rear peep site (benelli brand) can be used?
  6. What's up with Benelli not making a rifled slug barrel with the ghost ring sights installed?? This Question goes for all models.
  7. What m2 and m3 barrels are rifled?
  8. Is there some way to date my super black eagle 2 shotgun?
  9. You could throw that gun in my trash can.
  10. I see on the other benelli smooth bore barrels the front post is much higher when the shotgun comes with the ghost ring set up. Can one get a SBE 2 or a M2 12 ga. with a rifled slug barrel set up for ghost ring? Will the ghost ring installed on a rifled barrel work with the factory front rifled barrel sights? IF the rifled barrel has a cantilever for scope mount will a ghost ring still work or will that extra steel be in the way? Could ghost ring go on cantilever?
  11. I had a Hastings rifled barrel for a Nova 12 Ga. The front sight was not center. Slugs always shot to the left...No scope. Paid like $159.99 and sold later for $75. Bought at Gander Mountain. This took place around 2004,2005. Still use Nova and Rem. 3 in,7/8 Oz. slugs. What I do not like is the front bead on the factory Nova barrel has to cover/be on the target. SBE 2 some day.
  12. Two bucks a shot is just to much for the commom man.
  13. Where should I see wear-blueing removed or normal friction spots?????
  14. Is the SBE III in the works? 2011 the year of the Super Vinci, so 2012 the SBE III???????????
  15. The Vinci comfort tec chevrons are HUGE! Compared to the SBE II. Can one buy a new stock with the large chevrons that fits the SBE II??????
  16. That's great and all but I need part names and areas of wear. Exterior finish does not help with what to look for. Start with what parts are know to wear out??? springs or flakes of crome rusting off (examples).
  17. New here..........Looking to buy a used sbe 2. What do I look for on the gun rack. I mean, what parts should be worn or not worn. What are the signs of a heavy used sbe 2. Also, can I check by serial number the date of manufacture?
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