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  1. Glad I got mine when I did! Thanks again for the smooth and speedy transaction!
  2. i agree and thanks for the link!
  3. Yeah, no complaints here either! Fit and finish is perfect, functionality is right on! Where can I get the bigger bolt release that is a must IMO and everybody seems to have? On a side note, my c-stock showed up today! Thanks! Mike
  4. The benefit of having both systems would enable me to have everything I want on the gun. I definitely want a forward verticle grip so I have to have a lower rail system, I could incorporate the light at that point which is why I was interested in the surefire setup to include their light. If I want to have 6 or so shells on the gun, then I will need to have something incorportated into the upper picatinny rail system. I could just keep the mesa system I have now or go with something like the side armor, either will allow me to mount something from trijicon! Either way, the KZ syste
  5. To be more detailed in what I am looking for and want.... I fully intend on mounting an optic, light, forward vertical grip and I want more than a couple shells mounted on the gun! Thanks! Mike
  6. Can anyone confirm if the Surefire M80 Picatinny Rail Forend will integrate flawlessly with the Side Armor Mod 2 Benelli Rail System? Is there anything in the works that I should know about and possibly wait for rather then go with something that is currently on the market? Thanks! Mike
  7. Anybody have this? http://www.botachtactical.com/kzbem4qurasy.html#
  8. Would love to see pics of the KZ stuff, definitely want to do the bolt release!
  9. Thanks for the responses everyone! Been searching and reading for quite a while tonight, some really nice modified M4's on here! Please keep the responses coming and don't be shy, post some pictures! Thanks! Mike
  10. Thanks for liking my page and the quick response! Look forward to receiving the new stock! Mike
  11. Steel City

    M4 Upgrades

    So I'm really wanting to do more upgrades to my Benelli M4 that I purchased new last year. Currently I have a Mesa Tactical shot shell carrier/picatany rail system, Carrier Comp magazine tube extension and a Freedom Fighter Tactical charging handle. I love the gun as it's configured but I really don't want to stop there. I absolutely love shotguns and really want something that is going to stand out not just in performance and functionality but totally different than your typical plain ol self defense shot guns that I see all the time. Looking for pictures and suggestions from those of
  12. They make nice stuff, I have their charging handle! The only reason I didn't go with their extension tube was because it doesn't match in color.
  13. I have the carrier comp on mine, couldn't be happier with the fit and finish!
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