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  1. For those of you who wrote a letter to the BATFE for 922R compliance, how long did it take for them to send you a reply?
  2. In the case of the collapsable stock, you would be at 14 parts since you upped the foreign count by 1 (the grip and the stock are separate pieces?). Is it that you modified it? or is it counted by feature?
  3. After a few here replied, I started to reseasrch more. I "THINK" the issue is that whenever you replace EITHER the magazine or the collapsable stock, you now have a shotgun that meets more than "one" of the evil features. In its original form, it only has a 5 round capacity, and a pistol grip (which is its only evil feature). When you increase the capacity OR change the buttstock, you now have 2 evil features. Once you are in that territory, you have at least 3 pieces to replace. Since the pistol grip and stock are 2 pieces, you need 4. There arent 4 pieces available currently to replace. If I
  4. There just arent enough M4 owners. The AR platform has 10000000000000 collapsable stock options.
  5. If I dont increase the mag capacity on an M4 but add the collapsable stock, am I in violation of 922®?
  6. This may be a stupid question, but how do I tell if I have a 11707 or 11717? Also who makes the foregrip other than Surefire?
  7. I see a ton of threads about original Benelli Collapsable buttstocks for the M4. Is there anyone who makes a US made pistol grip and collapsable buttstock for the M4 for 922® compliance? Also, as a newb here, Im a bit confused. I just got my M4 today. It has the standard pistol grip buttstock. Ive been reading this forum about 922 Compliance. Is it ok to change my standard pistol grip/buttstock to a collapsable unit? Thanks
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