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  1. I am selling EVERYTHING you need to shoot "open class" 3 gun for your shotgun. I am selling a 27" M1 Super 90 that has pretty much every upgrade you could want to do to it for open class shotgun. The extra length is ideal since you want a 10+1 capacity in open (USPSA rule limitation). The barrel was ported by Briley. It comes with a Burris FastFire II/Speedbead system mounted and already sighted in for slug impacts at 100 yards. It has the Arredondo Loader assist installed as shown. I added grip tape to the Arredondo load assist as I like to hold the receiver on the pictured spot when using th
  2. Clarification. Im looking for a synthetic stock
  3. If someone has a new Field Grade Stock, I want to buy it.
  4. I *beleive* I am on the waiting list for the first 30 (we'll see) but just the hammer alone isnt enough for full 922r compliance for the C-stock correct? If we have the CC tube, follower, handguard, and hammer, I still need ONE more for 922r? I just listed my m4 for sale, but Im tempted to pull the ad in light of this recent development
  5. I am selling a "like new" Benelli M4 that has been upgraded significantly. There are no noticeable scratches, dings, etc. This shotgun has barely been used and has less than 50 rounds fired. I feel that I have done the "key" upgrades to this shotgun that most would want and have chosen the "best" for those upgrades. Upgrades include: -Carrier Comp Titanium Magazine Tube (Stamped Made in USA) for 922 R Complaince. This increases the factory tube from 5 to 7 rounds. Carrier Comp sells this for $189 by itself and requires a 5 week wait for production. For those who know M4's this is the VERY BE
  6. I have both. The urbino is installed for 922r purposes until the geissele trigger becomes available. The stocks feel similar in comfort, but the factory collapsable unit seems slightly heavier. The cheek riser is solid at any height and the ability to use a recoil absorbing pad is nice as well. I have nothing to complain about on the Urbino, but will ultimately change stocks for the collapsable feature and look (as bad as that sounds). From an improved usability standpoint the Mesa product is very good. I bought my collapsable unit from a guy here on this forum but won't be installing it per
  7. Easier loading = faster loading which is an essential part of multigun competition.
  8. So if I placed an order for a muted unit last week, does that mean I'll be getting a PVD unit instead? (thats a good thing).
  9. I got my Carriercomp Ti tube today (beautuful part) and installed a Nordic +1 extension in lieu of the factory cap. The overall goal is to have 8+1 for multi gun competition. The Nordic tube is far smoother than the factory inside and the new follower and spring make the tube easier to load, but still not as easy to load as a customized M2. P at the range I opted to try the factory 5 round spring, and the M4 cycled flawlessly down to the last round on multiple tries. Is this common? Have any others tried this shorter spring setup? It loads much easier and would be s great mod if there aren't a
  10. I got my Ti tube today. Even though everyone raves about the quality, I was still stunned by how nice these tubes are. Near perfect machining and a fabulous match to the factory anodizing. Just a gorgeous piece. It took less than 20 to install the tube. Heated the receiver with a DeWalt heat gun for 2 min and the tube unscrewed. Installed the new tube spring and a Nordic +1 extension, and took it to the range for testing. Cycled perfectly down to the last shell. I even tried the original factory spring for the 5 round capacity and it still cycled?? I'll start a new thread on that topic....
  11. http://www.brownells.com/1/1/144881-benelli-shotgun-fiber-optic-front-sight-benelli-shotgun-fo-front-sight-hiviz.html They are out of stock right now, but Im tempted to find the manufacturer and buy one...
  12. Can anyone validate that the magazine extension for a benelli Supernova made by Nordic Components will fit on Kip's magazine tube? I am looking for a 1 or 2 shot extension, but even Nordic Components can't validate that this works. Thanks
  13. How reliable is the use of the Nova/M4 Nordic Extention tube in conjunction with the Carriercomp 7 round mag?
  14. Is there a way to get 8 round mag capacity in my Benelli M4? 3 Gun matches typically favor a shotgun in a 8+1 capacity from a loading perspective. The carriercomp has 7+1. Does anyone put an extension beyond the carriercomp? If so, how well does that work?
  15. Not if you get the Mesa Urbino stock. If you get that stock, the plate is removable. I may be wrong, but I just received my Mesa stock and I believe the plate was off center. It doesnt look like the hole in the middle is in the right spot.... If you wanted to do some work you could buy that, and have someone section off the Noveske piece, TIG weld it to the Mesa piece, grind it smooth and then hit it with some Duracoat. Thats a LOT of work for a QD mount.
  16. This apathatic attitude on anti-gun legislation or anti-gun action from the left is exactly how we ended up with the first AW ban and how Commefornia, NJ, Chicago and DC end up with their lunacy.
  17. I cant believe that y'all arent making a bigger deal about this....
  18. Thanks. I do know that results will vary from firearm to firearm as in rifles and pistols. However as in rifles and pistols, factory weapons TEND to like and dislike similar ammo. I was hoping for some feedback on what has worked for others using an M4. Hopefully similarities within nearly identical platforms will yield similar results. This will help me limit my purchases on varying brands/types of "experimental" rounds.
  19. Also, minimal recoil....
  20. What are your ammo recommendations for a defensive load for a Benelli M4. I would imagine this would be for engagements 25 yards and under. Both 00 and slug....
  21. There are so many here who seem to advocate writing a letter. I thought I would just copy, paste someone else's letter, modify some specifics, send it and then wait.
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