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  1. I saw the words best model, and was gonna say Heidi Klum, but then I opened the thread and saw "hunting rifle". Was thinking: "This could be a fun thread"...
  2. Seems to me that regardless of weapons type, trying to manage on ones own in a "shtf" scenario is not a practical outlook. Specially those of us with spouses. I don't think she would appreciate the "Sorry babe, gotta go" routine". More likley, you find out (real quick) who your real friends are, and who can really be trusted, and stick together. Try to have weapons that are complimentary. I would stick with my carbine and a shotgun, but maybe my buddy has a good high power rifle and a little .22 for hunting. Between the two of us, we could fend off some zombies, or other
  3. Thanks, Looked it up. Interesting. Yeah, weights an issue. But I like the stationary piece for a cheek weld.
  4. That being said.. I would take a pistol, 9mm,.40 or ,.45, whichever I have handy. I carried a pistol on my hip for months in the desert. You get used to it fast. Px4 series are decent. Or a Sig. A decent carbine, AR-style if I had to, 6.8mm. Nothing fancy, without 10 pounds of extra crap hanging on the picatinny rails (how useful will that flashlight or laser be without batteries?) Reflex site, or an Acog if I can get it. Either that or a Cx4, same caliber as the pistol. I will not pretend I am good enough for a long range duel. A shotgun. 12gauge, (18in barrel to keep weight down
  5. All good points. If you like reading Sci-Fi, pick up a copy of "Lucifers Hammer" by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. Aside from some practical view points, it shows how quickly things can go to Heck in a Handbasket after a major catastrophe.
  6. You never know. They need to look again at 6.8mm. There was a USMC general that considered sending some 6.8mm uppers to his men in A-stan, because the standard NATO 5.56 ball ammo was not cutting it at the range needed up in those mountains. They ended up going with a heavier round, and apparently that helped. With most GI's carrying optics on their rifles now, they can see and aim farther than the current ball ammo will shoot. They need to upgrade. As for me, I want a round that will work for hunting too. I have heard many use the 6.8 for that. Seems like a good multi-pur
  7. The only other issue is more minor. I am a left-eyed shooter. The AR-15 platform, and all military models, are made for right handers. I understand there are ambidextrous kits out there to put a safety both sides. And some manuafacturers make their lowers with them anyway, which is the way it should be. If you were in the Corps, then you already know that all 50% of all corners in the world are left handed corners. And something the USMC training does that the Army does not is to teach off-hand firing. A major gripe of mine for 14 years. The fact that pull for the charging
  8. Mostly that its a dirty design. Direct gas impingment. And (and I am sure any AR fans will take offense at this) it is unreliable. I would say that of all the times my unit's have gone to the range, about half that time, someone has a jam so bad the rifle required it to be pulled off the line. Double-feeds, usually, sometime others stuff. And I am excluding the minor things that quick immediate action (SPORTS for the GIs) resolves. I have messed with M16 A1s, A2s and A4s and M4A4s. The M4 actually gave me the least issues. I suppose it has improved, but its still dirty. I am
  9. I can tell you I am very excited about getting one an MR1 once the boss (aka The Wife) lets me. (its gonna be negotiated, she will get a new toy of her own). I am not a fan of the AR-15 platform, and I say that with 14 years of military experience with them, so I was happy when I dicovered the MR1. The only thing that could make it better would be a 6.8mm version. Does anyone know if Benelli is even considering it? Will likely get the current version in any case, but if the larger caliber is coming, I would want one.
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