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  1. I started elk hunting a couple of years ago...I'm fortunate enough to have married into a family of elk hunters! My uncle has a cabin and we stay there for 10 days during elk season. Call it beginners luck but both years I've bagged a bull! First year I shot one in the neck with my 270 win and killed in the spot. Last year I hit one broadside while running at 100 yards. I had to track it for 1/4 of a mile before hitting him again in roughly the same spot. Elk are tough critters and when they get their legs under them they can go a long way. I upgraded to a 338 win mag R1 for this year... I'm already working on getting into shape for this falls hunt! I tend to hike 10+ miles a day and lay awake thinking about bagging another bull. Elk hunting is by far my favorite thing to do with my free time!
  2. I went with the 338 win mag R1. I already have a 270 winchester and didn't feel the 300 mags had enough advantage over it. I hand load and after looking at various bullet manufacturers the 338 hunting bullets seemed to be more efficient than the 300's. My plan is to use it for bear and elk hunting. It's topped with a vortex viper pst 1-4X24. Most of the hunting I do is in timber or thick brush. A 50 yard shot at an elk running through timber isn't unusual. It's getting sighted in this weekened weather permitting.
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