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  1. Question...I have a Nova Tactical and I wanted to put a pistol grip on it. I see many pistol grips for the Super Nova but none for the Nova..Will a Super Nova pistol grip fit a Nova Tactical?
  2. itbqam

    Nova has a hitch

    Took it completely apart, cleaned and lubed everything and it seems about 50% better. Will shoot it this weekend.
  3. itbqam

    Nova has a hitch

    Just picked up a Nova Tactical yesterday and noticed when I cycle the pump it sort of hangs about halfway back. Ran it over to the local gunsmith, he took a look and agreed it felt rough. He couldn't mess with it for a couple of weeks so he suggested I put some shells through it to see if it loosens up (or breaks). I also noticed that when you pull the trigger the forearm bounces a little and wants to slide back to the rear when held vertical.....is this normal?????
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