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  1. figures that I'd buy one for $389 and then the price gets reduced..Oh well, I guess thats why they say patience is a virtue..
  2. It's funny cause I bought one on GunBorker before checking here and I just noticed that it's the same seller. Was very quick with replies to my emails and shipped got the shipping info in less than an hour..Awesome service.
  3. I got your PM Socom and thanks for the offer but, I'm going to try and search around for a little while. I couldn't send a reply since I'm new to the site..
  4. Chuck, Super M4 was posting for me till I could get to the house and create an account. I just purchased a M4 today and I'm interested in purchasing the stock if you still have it. Send me the payment information if it's still available. Contact info listed below. thanks
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