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  1. How much would it cost me to have my standard m4 barrel altered?

  2. Judging by the date of the post that led to that totally excellent photo, I am late. Just got my M4 about a week ago. I don't want to fire her before I get that black collapsable stock. Again,sir, that picture is AWSOME. Thanks.
  3. The cost $349 shipped let me know

    My email is [email protected]


    So is my paypal address

  4. Just picked up my Benelli M4 today. I understand you may have access to the telescoping stock. If so, what do they cost? and how could I get my hands on one?

  5. I just picked up my Benelli M4 today. Very excited to finally get it. But what a shocker to find out that the Benelli stock so damn expensive. What is up with that!?
  6. I am so happy to have found this forum. Four days ago I paid for and ordered my m4. I can hardly wait til it arrives. I found this forum because I very much want to dress this baby up with the kinds of extras it deserves. I am so impressed with generosity and pride of the folks who take the time to educate those of us who are just starting out and don't know much. As I gain more experience, I'll ask more intelligent questions. Talk to you soon.

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