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  1. The whole 922r hijinks kills me. Especially when you compare domestic manufacturers to imports. The entire things make zero sense. And how about the fact a bunch of LE/Gov. are walking around with a personal weapon on which the stock was switched without parts "hide and go seek"? Swap a part here, add a part there. Aaaah. So to add a collapsible stock, which allows the multiple shooters in my house to comfortably and more safely use the weapon, I need to find other parts to swap out? In what universe does that make sense? OK rant portion over. I have a friend with the Urbino. H
  2. Hi, new to the board and glad to be here... That said, I am no longer in the government employ :-). But gee, if I could find the M4 collapsible stock within the stratosphere of $150 I would take one. The $150/$160 figure has been thrown around for awhile. The problem is finding someone that will sell non LE/Gov. at an honest price. Until then, folks like me are on the sideline.
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