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  1. Kutak

    New R1

    Thank you Steve! You have shared a wealth of outstanding information and field proven experience, I'll be taking following your advice closely. Already invested in some new cleaning equipment specifically for my new R1 and will be paying special attention to the gas piston now that I've seen what happens. It was really cool to see some of your adventures - you are truly blessed. I can only hope I am able to share a fraction of such experiences with my kids someday. Thank you for sharing and thank you even more for your service!
  2. I feel your pain and regret not ordering mine with the optional open sight package. I thought it would be a pretty simple and easy task to accomplish but I was mistaken. Those screws are in there tight and they are fragile + there is no instructions or tips that come with the open sights whatsoever. I rounded the rear screw using the tool that they provided without applying very much pressure at all. Took it in to Benelli dealer that I bought it from and they didn't even want to try taking any of them out... they just referred me to a gunsmith who will probably need to drill and tap
  3. Kutak

    New R1

    Thanks David, Appreciate the excellent advice and recommendation for Murray Custom Leather. I've heard nothing but good things about Murray and the A-1 looks like a great fit. Nice picture - Look forward to finding an occasional (and unfortunate) coyote soon!
  4. Kutak

    New R1

    Just got the ultimate Father's Day present - a brand new-out-of-the-box Benelli 30-06. I can hardly wait to take it out and fire the first rounds through it so I want to get some optics and on it ASAP and start adding some of the essential accessories. As my first Benelli, it goes without saying I'm looking forward taking it on many future hunting adventures. Would love to hear some of your favorite additions to your R1 and any good advice you have for a brand new R1 owner.
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