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  1. So, I talked to a local well known/reputable gunsmith... $100 to chop the barrel and clean it up. They would finish up the cut and that is about it. They can also install a new sight like a bead or something else but that would be extra. Threading the barrel would also be extra, but I'd have to go in there with the barrel for them to give me a quote really... I just hate to chop a barrel like this. I mean what if I want to shoot skeet and what if everyone on the range makes fun of me for chopping the barrel? But the reality is these guns are worth $250 in great condition (m
  2. Ouch not for those prices: http://www.briley.com/2009/shotgungunsmithingpricing.html I'd be better off just buying the new barrel... Maybe trading now is my only cost-effective viable route??
  3. I bought the +2 Magazine extension for my Nova (same as SuperNova at least for the barrels and magazines). It plugged right up and is now a 7+1 or 8+1 (2-3/4") in fact (a nice surprise!!) I got the TacStar model 1081188 I think it was. I then mounted a CDM MOD-C flashlight mount on it. It is a clamp on type so it would fit regardless of size, but it is made wider on one end for the magazine tube (wider diameter than the barrel itself).
  4. Thanks for the comments Bello... I don't want to screw it up on the other hand it seems like a LOT of people do this (maybe not so much with a Benelli barrel) and it isn't really a problem. Why couldn't I shoot skeet out of an 18.5" barrel? Maybe I could make it 20? I mean anything is better than 28" which is almost useless to me for HD - in fact I just did some "testing" earlier and confirmed it is quite silly to gun bouncing around my house with a 28" barrel. This shotgun is all of what I don't want and I can't sell it, can't even find spare barrels for it under $300 (it is less than that
  5. This is off my Benelli Nova 12 gauge shotgun. It is a Ducks Unlimited model with a 28" field barrel (vented ribs). It has a small bead sight in the middle and the orange front sight. The front sight metal is slightly damaged, but can be easily fixed. The barrel is threaded for chokes and I will include 2 choke keys and 3 chokes (MC, F, IC). This is for JUST the 28" barrel, not the gun itself. Suggested value: $200 USD Willing to sell or trade. I want to get the 18" Benelli Nova barrel instead. Thanks!!
  6. Looks good!! I have a Nova which I'm trying to convert into something closer to yours, but sadly I need to chop the barrel.. (see my a few threads down if you have any ideas)...
  7. Hey folks, I just inherited a Benelli and unfortunately I need a tactical shotgun, and this is a 28" field barrel!! It looks like there's a shortage and/or you can't get the 18.5" tactical barrel very easily any more. I found some for a whopping $400 and also I believe a tactical store sells replicas for like $250. Anyways, I don't really need another barrel, and the one I have is so worn out and has a busted front sight anyways, so there's little point in my trying to sell it as it's likely only worth like $50. Instead, I'm going to make lemonade and cut this barrel to 18.5" just like
  8. What size barrel? I have a 28" matte black field barrel, want to trade?
  9. +1 for CDM... I just got the CDM Mod-C mount and LOVE IT!!! VERY sleek, LOW profile, perfect setup!! I have a Streamlight PolyTac LED... http://www.mountsplus.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=MSP&Product_Code=130-CDM-MOD-C&Category_Code=Benelli
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