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  1. I bought myself a pair of 1000g thinsulate Irish Setter Swampghost boots with ExoFlex fit system yesterday. I know I need to get waders.. but I wanted something I could use for turkey, waterfowl, and deer season. I needed them in time for deer rifle season starting here Wed. in NH.
  2. Huntress


    Ok I have some questions about what the decoy bags are made of... Are they canvas or some type of mesh screen like what is on patio furniture?? I am concerned about mildew and such.... I would really want something like mess which would speed up drying time with air flow. I plan on hanging them from the ceiling of a gambrel shed for storage.
  3. Huntress


    I got my decoys from Rogers out of Kansas yesterday.. boy that was fast service lol These decoys sure have the wow factor.. lol very nice. Now I need all the goodies to set them up I plan on picking up a few calls here locally... So I can start practicing for next yr
  4. I vote Vinci.... she is worth every penny
  5. Huntress


    That is good to know.. Thank you for sharing I think I got a pretty good deal on the decoys.
  6. I bought one for my Vinci but it wouldn't fit.... Soo went with their Fast Fire holographic water proof site. It is amazing. I am dealing with new glasses with a blended bifocal.. It has been and still is a challenge getting use to them. This is why I wanted the new sites. I can look over top of my glasses and use the site to enlarge the game. Works for me ^5. (I have made a correction to my post under 2011 Spring Turkey Season.) I must have been in a hurry to finish that post. Sorry for the incorrect info.
  7. Huntress


    Yes I was just looking at the bags. DD had a 12 pocket for the mallards and I am looking for a 6 pocket for the geese.
  8. Huntress


    I am a very happy camper today! Called Rogers Sporting Goods to order my Christmas present today Santa is bringing me a 6pk of Dakota Decoy x-treme Canada geese floaters and a 12pk of DD x-treme Mallard floaters. Now can someone please recommend what to buy to set them up in the water with for easy gathering?
  9. OH wow.... I am like Soooo jealous.. lol I think I am getting decoys for Christmas. Soo I will be better prepared for next yr.
  10. I am sorry.. Didn't get notice of new posts until today. Well I live in NH and most of the property is posted.. We had to get permission to hunt here. and I regret to tell you... I missed this fall T season because of oral surgery. Went in to have a tooth pulled and it shattered.... The dentist had to cut into my jaw bow to get the roots out... The mear vibration of riding in my jeep caused great pain for 2 weeks... So I didn't get to hunt this fall. I am still recooperating by the way. Not fun I tell you. It's Deer Youth Day here this morning... Soo my hubby and son are in the
  11. I don't like synthetic stocks as a general rule.. I love the beauty of wood myself but I see and understand the need for it when it comes to hunting waterfowl. The black stocks remind me of a toy... I just don't like them for a gun. The hardest decision I had was to choose between the two patterns since my plan was and is to hunt turkey as well. I had to wait for mine to be shipped since they only had black stocks available in the store. Now that was pure torture I tell you.. lol My heart was pounding when the box was opened to reveal my new Vinci. She is a beauty! I am very pleased
  12. The 2011 Fall Turkey season is looking pretty darn good around here...lol I was able to snag this photo hanging my hand out the window of my jeep with camera in hand.
  13. Thank you. It was a wonderful experience I shared with my family. I hope to have many more. Our 9yr old son will be hunting with us next spring since he proved himself to be very comfortable and accurate shooting his dad's 270 at the range. I was concerned how he would handle the recoil. He did just fine .. in fact he out shot Brad...lol I am also proud to say he is pulling back 42lbs with his bow and hitting well within the kill zone at 20 yards. He is going to be a force to be reckoned with. lol
  14. Welcome Candice27. I am new too.. I noticed you put your physical address on the site... You might want to remove that. Safety First.... you know
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