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  1. Ive now had mine for about 4 years (my favorite gun I own) and finally have decided to finally convert my safety to the proper side for me. I am a lefty, but when I was younger my parents purchased this for me and I have had a righty model the whole time. I know they make a left handed model, but Ive actually become very use to the bolt release and ejection on the right side. Ive looked and noticed that you can purchase a left handed trigger assembly online and looks like it would drop in perfectly fine. Anyone tried this? Any fit issues? Or is it possible to flip the safety selector? EDIT: Answered my own question. If only I would have taken a closer look at this a long time ago. Simple roll pin. Remove the spring and flip the selector and re-install the pin. If anyone was curious. Still wondering about the second part of my post. Next, I've decided to go further with working on my gun. I've considered porting my barrel, and maybe a trigger job from Brileys. Is it worth it? Also thinking about messing with my shim kit. Any other recommendations for modifications that have served you well? Already have some briley chokes, the larger briley bolt release, and new bolt handle on the way.
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