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  1. Sidearmor suggested to use the original factory screws. I tried it, and they seemed to work fine without anymore stripping. But...just like with the original factory rail + screws, all 5 screws get very loose after shooting heavy loads (I shot about 50 slugs over the weekend and I had to retighten the screws). I think this is causing my accuracy to be lower than expected, since I'm using an optic for targeting. Does anyone else have this problem with either factory or other rail systems? What should I do? I used blue loctite multiple times, but it seems to have no effect at all and the screws come loose just as fast.
  2. I e-mailed them 2 days ago, but no reply yet. I'll post their suggestion in this thread when I get it.
  3. I got one with the cheek riser and limbsaver. The think the OEM stock is too long regardless. The Mesa Tactical stock is better in just about every way. My only problem was that the grip was not glued to the plastic properly (the glue looked cheap and literally just turned into flakes and the handle detached). I used a bunch of standard superglue to put it back together.
  4. Pretty sure they were SideArmor. I probably have the OEM screws in a box somewhere.
  5. I installed the sidearmor rail system and two receiver threads were stripped when screwing in the fasteners. All I did was apply the LocTite to the fasteners, and used a basic little allen wrench (supplied with the sidearmor rail system) to hand-tighten the screws. I don't think I used an unreasonable amount of force, especially since the tool is small and grants little leverage. Three of the five the screws worked just fine and tightened pretty well. Anyone know what could have been the problem? Anyone know a way to fix the stripped threads? I've heard of re-drilling the receiver and rail system to support wider screws, and something about an add-on to replace the threads completely.
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