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    Former Marine SSgt, Now working as a defense Contractor. I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids, shooting, riding my motorcycle and occasionally playing video games.
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    My family, Shooting, riding, video games, reading anything by lee child
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    Defense Contractor

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  1. I am slightly confused by your post first you describe your problem but then at the end, after you got your gun back from Benelli, the problem is no longer present (although you have yet to test in cold weather). which begs the question, why would you still want to replace the ejector spring if you are not sure that the problem is even still a problem?? second, you have heard of similar problems, and a similar fix (the modification of the extractor) which was performed on your weapon, yet you still want to do more? doesn't really make sense.
  2. anyone else with thoughts on this? thanks for yours tnanever.
  3. just curious, if you just bought it, why are you selling it?
  4. Windex

    M3 super 90!

    Little suggestion do some searches on this forum with your model and what you are looking for... M3 + accessories, M3 + stock, M3 + magazine I am sure you will arrive at numerous threads that talk about just what you are interested in.
  5. ahh, didn't get that far. will say this, they have a bigger crowd over there.
  6. shotgunworld..... you would rather have a stupid ad pop up every five seconds.....
  7. Flood...."an overwhelming quantity or volume; also : a state of abundant flow or volume —often used in the phrase in full flood " that was the third definition of flood, the first two were exclusive to water. So going with the third, which I believe is appropriate to your statement, I have a question; there were three (3) new posts on this forum yesterday, all of which were legit normal posts, not spam.....where is the flood of spammers? I am not necessarily doubting your statement, you have been here far longer than me, however I have been watching the forums for a couple of weeks now, and I am just curious to what triggered this post. edit: with the exception of the groups here, which are clearly spam, but are basically hidden and you have to go looking for them
  8. The M4 was specifically designed for the military as combat shotgun, I would venture that this means the materials used and more importantly their physical specifications are far more robust, to withstand the abuse sure to come in military service. Also, being designed for the military, it has design functions that are a specific to military use (ease of field stripping for example) which may not be very efficent or usefull for competition shooting. While both are semi-auto, the M2 is inertia driven and the M4 uses the ARGO system. I cannot comment on the exact differences between the two other than the obvious, but if i were you i would focus my inquires on this primarly and then the after market parts that are available. Lastly, Considering the intended use and subsequent development of after market parts for the M2 and M4 you will be far more likely to find parts for the former, that will be more germane to competition shooting rather killing bad guys in the field or in your home.
  9. After reading another post on the subject I still have a few quesitons about the Mesa Tactical Urbino stock. 1.) Another member said that a lot of people would probably benefit from a shorter stock. why? (is this because the stock stock is built for people with longer arms?) 2.) someone else referenced a 'fit' by holding the shotgun with the butt in the crook of your elbow to test the fit of the stock. what is one supposed to look for when doing this to determine fit? *when i do this the buttstock fits nicely into my elbow when my hand on the grip 3.) for reference I am 6'2", so in comparison to the average, my arms are a little longer. Is anyone else of similar arm length, and do you have the Mesa stock? how is the fit for you? are you cramped at all? 4.) I am interested in the stock primarily for the cheek riser and the limbsaver butt; in anyones opinon, are these benefits worth any inconvenience (due to fit) from the shorter stock? thanks!
  10. I searched some more and found it, disregard. GG&G apparently.
  11. My M4 that i just purchased has a small button Bolt release. However i have seen pictures (primarily of the M1014, but a couple on what i believe are civilian M4) that have a much larger, rectangular Bolt release. I have done a few cursory searches but an unable to find where i might purchase this modification, does anyone know where it can be aquired? or is this not a modification for the public?
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