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  1. The headlight i have now is the absolute best i have ever used or seen. Its the Cabelas Alaskan guide headlamp. Its not cheap but well worth the money. I have the one with the white spotlight and green light. The green is great for getting ready by the truck and not blinding people and the white is the brightest headlamp I have ever used.
  2. I would recmmend the vinci to anyone. It works great going to the sporting clays course and the lightest loads i have shot in are 7/8 oz loads, it cycled them without a flaw, but i only shot about 5 rounds to see if there is anything it wouldnt cycle. (Everything i put through it cycled from 3" BC to 7/8 handicap loads)
  3. not 21 that day, in 3 days...also looking forward to missouri early goose season this weekend
  4. ended up with 21 total between my vinci and his montefeltro[ATTACH=CONFIG]1672[/ATTACH]
  5. I recently bought a new vinci and had two questions 1. When i push bolt head back and forth on the brarrel module without it being attached to stock, the entire bolt head will come out , is that normal? and 2. Does the 5 year warranty cover the camo pattern if it starts to fade or anything like that?
  6. How do you store your waders in the off-season? Hung upside down? Rolled? Folded? wha should i put on the boots? Armorall? Petroleum jelly, or some kind of leather conditioner?
  7. Does 3 1/2 really make that big of a deal when goose hunting? i was looking at getting the vinci, but after doing more research i was thinking that the super vinci owuld be beteer, but Im also going to be shooting 1 oz. loads mostly so they might not cycle as well in the super vinci tham the regular vinci. whats your thoughts?
  8. does anyone have problems with their SBE II jamming on lighter loads? is it something that can be worked out using heavy loads first to "break-in" the gun?
  9. Which one would you recommend for hunting mostly upland game,small game, targets, and i'm trying to get into hunting waterfowl and deer. I have been shooting an auto for the past couple of years, but dont want to spend $1400 on a gun, without knowin git will be flawless.also i have shot the vinci and absolutely love it, but im not sure a $1400 gun is worth it.
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