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  1. Rigpig

    R1 338 win mag

    Just got back from my hunting trip i had federal nosler 225 grain and hornady superformance sst 225 grain. Of the two i liked the hornady better and they are cheaper too. Definately a WAY too big of caliber for whitetail I might add lol!
  2. Rigpig

    R1 338 win mag

    well in the 338 mags case id have to agree b/c i've seen grown men damn near cry when shooting this caliber with a bolt action ha ha ha ha
  3. Rigpig

    R1 338 win mag

    I bought a R1 338 winchester magnum recently with the black comfortech stock. It shoots great with recoil comparable to my old 30-06 remington semi auto. They dissassemble very easily for cleaning. A monkey should be able to do it in my opinion. It is getting new scope rings as the weaver ones on it have already broken from the recoil. The best groupings I have gotten so far are about 1.5 inches with Federal Fusion 225 grain shells. In my opinion its a great new member to my collection. If theres anyone else out there with this same rifle I'd appreciate any input you have towards shell
  4. Rigpig


    I just bought the 338 mag R1. Recoil is low, it strips for cleaning easily and it looks pimp. I have only had it out to the range a couple times now and best its doing so far is 1.5 inch grouping at 100 yards. Anyone else shooting this same gun? And what ammo does it like? I dont have time or $ for hand loads But I expect a little better performance than. this I was using fusion 225 grain.
  5. Im Dan from alberta, just bought the r1 338 mag muahaha. Thats my supplies for all the zombies
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