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  1. She has picked up one or two. She has gotten so used to picking up mallards that someone shot a teal last night ans she dropped it when she picked it up because it wasnt the same size or weight she was use to. I had to force her bcak to it to pick it up.
  2. we do this all the time, my area is covered in Mallards, and late season makes it easier.
  3. ive shot anything from 1.oz , 7 shot to 3 1/2 inch goose loads
  4. Mine has done the same thing. I have noticed if I leave mine on ice, it will crack a little and kind of bubble open. But once it drys it goes back to normal. If your doesnt, I would call CS
  5. I have an SBE II that is seven years old. I have over 10,000 rounds through it. If it clean I can shoot 1 oz without issues but after about 300 to 400 rounds I have to switch back to an 1 1/8. I consider myself lucky it will shoot that light of a load at all.
  6. First of all I wasn't complaining about a free part just curious whey changed and yes I know the gun is not gas operated, I was referring to the ( unburied powder, gases etc)
  7. I just purchased another super black eagle II for my son. Cleaning I noticed that the red follower in the magazine tube is now aluminum not plastic like mine. It also has a small hole in the bottom of it, won't this allow more gases to enter the magazine tube? Why did they switch?
  8. mysbeII

    Super Vinchi

    Looking at purchasing a Super Vinci, those of you that have one, do you like it? Are you glad you bought one.....thanks in advance
  9. Thank you, Thats just what I wanted to know
  10. do you push out the extractor spring from the top of the locking bolt head or bottom? Im having a very difficult time getting the pin out.
  11. mysbeII

    SBEII barell

    Just got off the phone with Benelli, Theyare aending me all new springs to repalce in my gun and instead of a new extractor spring they are sending me a new bolt head...... now that is customer service, Thanks benelli
  12. mysbeII

    SBEII barell

    And I assume replace the with the plate being put in first then the spring inserted last throught he same hole?
  13. mysbeII

    SBEII barell

    Does anyone know the exact purpose of the ejector plate in the flange of the barrel? How it works?
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