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  1. tduncan53

    M2 finish

    Thanks for the feedback. I don't mind the cleaning as long as I can use it hard.
  2. tduncan53

    M2 finish

    I want to get an M2 but interested in the group's opinion on the finish. A lot of posters seem to favor the Realtree for the corrosion protection more than anything else. Is the standard black synthetic good enough for water fowl or do you really need the extra coating? Would an aftermarket finish be as good or better. The Realtree option is less available here in San Diego. Thanks Tim
  3. I want to do all that you mentioned and use it for 3 gun/HD. I'm thinking the 21 and 26 or 28 in barrels to cover all the bases. I am asking to much of a single gun?
  4. Thanks haven't bird hunted yet but hope to soon. I imagine the longer barrel helps with sight radius but is it any more accurate otherwise?
  5. thought I saw them on line for $400 to $500?
  6. Wouldn't these work ($400-$500) http://www.ableammo.com/catalog/benelli-80028-m2m1-tactical-rifle-sights-wfixed-choke-matte-p-104182.html
  7. I'd like to get a M2 with a 21 barrel for 3 gun and HD but have a longer barrel for hunting. Is this practical? Thanks Tim
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