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  1. The bolt handle manufacturer escapes me....I thought it was Dave's Metal Works but it isn't. The fore end is a Surefire M80.
  2. I have a black M4 already and have a M4 H2O on order. I'm hoping the finish will be fine. If not, off it goes.
  3. I just put down a $100 deposit (refundable if I change my mind).
  4. I had asked around as well and didn't get much help (even Bud's online). Ended up going to a local gun shop (Wilcox in Newport News, Virginia) and he ordered one for me. He called me to make sure it was the correct part number 11711. Benelli says it is about 60 days until delivery. We'll see.
  5. and now the wait begins. I ordered this yesterday and Benelli Customer Service tells me it is about a 60 day wait.
  6. Well this was my first post and it didn't show up. I thought I did something wrong so I made another post.....hence the dual posts fellas. Anyways, so far I'm impressed with the M4. Wife will be shooting it next weekend. Here's how it looks now:
  7. Thanks for the compliments and advice fellas. I shot it for the first time.....very nice with much less recoil than expected. Trying to post another pic.
  8. Thanks for the info wrinkles. I shot it today at the range. Very impressed. Put a bunch of 00buck downrange.
  9. I will......and I'll make sure I put my eye real close to the sight. Getting the gun ready for the range. Parts installed, everything lubed.
  10. I use it on top. Not sure what your intent is, but there are several reasons to choose certain products. Many people prefer a red dot sight for their shotguns.....I have yet to make that final determination. I am trying several different options for my shotgun and will end up using what works best for me. Have a nice evening.
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