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  1. If it was imported as an LE gun with a 7+ tube on it, is there any issue adding a collapsible stock? Thanks.
  2. How long ago was this? Did you talk to mesa tactical about it and if so, what did they say?
  3. yes. Pictures! I just received my c-stock today.
  4. Awesome, thank you all for the feedback!
  5. Received my trigger from Brownells tonight! Now I am standing by to receive my Carrier Comp tube.
  6. I recently purchased a NIW Mesa Tactical side saddle. This is the one that replaces the factory pictanny rail as well and holds 6 shells. In my research after buying, I see that there was previously issues using these.......I emailed the company and they assured me that there hadn't been an issue in over a year since they upgraded their mounting hardware. Any feedback/users of this accessory? I like the looks of it, but I don't want to do anything that will hurt my receiver. Many thanks.
  7. Please let me clarify my post...(typing it again since my first reply was eaten..)......the new H2O M4 is supposedly fully compliant, so in my opinion (how much weight this carries varies...ha) an aftermarket hammer is not required.....for legal reasons or otherwise. I ordered the Geissele because I needed another part to be compliant once I decided to install the collapsible stock. I have a Geissele FCG in my FN Scar.....I think you will be happy with your purchase....whether you need it for compliance or not.
  8. Please let me clarify my last post.........what I meant to say is unless you require another 922r compliance piece or you just want to have one of Geissele's excellent components in your fire control group, putting the Geissele hammer in an already 922 compliant shotgun (the M4 H2O as an example) isn't required to be legal. In my case, my shotgun is an 11707 which requires another compliant part since I decided to install the collapsible stock in addition to the full length tube. I have a Geissele FCG in my FN SCAR and I have been very pleased with it.
  9. Your money would be better spent on ammo or other accessories. IMHO
  10. I am still a newb when it comes to Benelli, but to my understanding, yes....you should be fine. Freedom Tactical has a FAQ that gives a good laydown. I just recently ordered all of the 922r parts (scored a way too expensive collapsible stock on gunbroker just last night.......like HK's, I chalk it up as the "Benelli tax") for my 11707.
  11. Brand new in the wrapper factory extension. The packaging is a little smooshed because the seller I bought it from made it fit into a flat rate box, but the tube is perfect. $155 shipped obo. Money order or Paypal gift. Extension will ship the weekend after I receive payment, possibly sooner. Thanks.
  12. In order to get to the required 4 U.S. parts (when adding a Benelli M4 collapsible stock) I would also buy this: http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=44723/sku=100-008-201/Product/BENELLI-M4-HAMMER or this: http://freedomfightertactical.com/products-page/forends-and-followers/the-freedom-fighter-tactical-922r-compliant-forearm-forend/
  13. And there are no dumb questions. Just dumb people who don't ask and unknowingly break the law.
  14. Just ordered mine....thought I would share since I think these have been out of stock most places.
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