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  1. If you like the black color but want the protection of dip, Dip it in black.
  2. This past season was an excellent duck season for me. One weekend I was slaying ducks left and right (naturally) and I even got a few laughs in whilst my buddies guns went down. The real surprise was at the end of the weekend when I opened my gun to clean it and there was a pin in the bolt that was broken and came tumbling out. Hmmm.... was my initial reaction. I wonder how long that was broken? Needless to say it fired imaculately and passionately all weekend. I bought my gun used and I don't even know how old it is. Thank you Benelli for a wonderful product. Here are some pics. Has this or anything like this happened to anyone else? If so please post, I would like to hear. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1363[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1364[/ATTACH]
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