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  1. is there a barrel break in procedure ????
  2. thanks xenalo i still havent shot it yet waiting on my scope to come in i went with swarvoski z5 5x25x52 i bought a box of the federal vital shock 165gr winchester 165gr.... i read somewhere that the r1 does not like the 150gr and the 180gr
  3. bluesti

    R1 ammo

    just got my R1 .300 win and wondering what ammo and scope ppl are using ???Also is there a barrel break in procedure
  4. just got in my R1 .300 win and curious what rounds ppl are having luck with as i dont really have much time to be spending on ammo ...Also with kinda optics and rings ... i was thinking larue mount and leupold Swarovski or a used nightforce ????
  5. bluesti

    HELP !!!!

    wow reading this thread just found something new to my r1 also
  6. wow nice what ammo are you using??? im trying to get an idea of what ammo ppl are using with there R1 in .300 win as i just got mine inn and haven't have the chance to shot it yet???
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