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  1. Ammo: I've always been a fan of Federal's Vital Shok ammo when I hunt. It's one of those "My dad always used it and it worked for him" kind of things. Truth be told, I've never tried anything else. Optics: I'm using the Leupold VX-3 4.5-14x50 Long Range w/ Illuminated Reticle. It's easy to adjust in the field and I've used it for as close as 25 yards to just over 500 yards.
  2. I use the Federal Vital Shok Ammo with the Barnes Trophy Bonded Tip bullet. I use the 165 grain for mule deer and the 180 grain for elk. http://www.federalpremium.com/products/details/rifle.aspx?id=759
  3. Shot my first bull elk with my Benelli R1 .300 Win Mag
  4. i've never had a feed problem, but i rarely shoot 20 rounds through it. the majority of the time it gets shot once,cleaned and then put back in the safe until the next hunt.
  5. was just trying to razz you a bit - i'm still partial to the old '68 chevelle (it was my first car)
  6. it's all in your personal preference... but the Ferrari is better, which means you're choosing synthetic!
  7. every night! but in all seriousness, most of the hiking i do while hunting is at 4am with a flashlight, and my gun (even with a synthetic stock) is cased in a hybrid case from... i can't remember and it doesn't really matter. it's a soft case with hard reinforcing around the scope, muzzle and butt. but that's mostly because of the scope
  8. i'll admit that i was hoping to see one or both of them reply and tell you that you used "your" instead of "you're" and you misspelled stooping! - oh, i know, we should have a battle to the death where i call you dumb for the wrong spellings and you call me a jerk for being rude (or grammar police works). then to top it off, we'll throw in our political and/or religious points of view and slander each other for the next 37 posts!
  9. you two should fight! THUNDERDOME!!! Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves. Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves. Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves.
  10. Xenalo

    Need Help

    that's good to know. that was the thing i was afraid of, was that i wanted it to hold zero. the only time i've missed in the field was when i tried to force a shot that i wasn't ready to take, so i can't blame the gun for that. it's been absolutely flawless.
  11. somebody call TSA and get these hijackers out of this thread! Palladin, the R1 is a wonderful rifle. You won't be sorry. I have a lot of sentiment attached to my dad's BAR, but my R1 is rapidly becoming my new favorite!
  12. Xenalo

    Need Help

    I absolutely love my R1 .300 WinMag - It has never let me down. I was cleaning it after another successful hunt and ran in to my first problem. I closed the breech and I believe there is a cloth cleaning patch that was partially in the chamber and not I can not open the breech back up. It feels like a mechanical stoppage, so I really don't want to force anything. I also do not want to pull the barrel if I can avoid it. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Well, I gave in and pulled the barrel and upper off. It was, in fact, a cleaning patch. Sorry for the paranoid post.
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